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Trapper - Wiggle Escape Bug

BizbokBizbok Member Posts: 3

I was the last survivor alive, got downed and picked up by the trapper. I managed to wiggle to the point of escape right before the hook and the trapper ran into his own trap. Wiggle bar was full and yet the trapper didn't drop me cause he was in the animation for him being trapped. After my wiggle bar was full he tried to hook me as I was still on his shoulder, yet it appeared he couldn't. So he put me down, this is where my character was left in a dying animation on the floor. Though he dropped me I was still having the wiggle bar on my screen and viewing him as if i was still on his shoulder. The end game timer started and we watched as it ticked down, then when it was supposed to do the animation of the entity taking me it didn't. It continued on, I wasn't bleeding out and was able to still wiggle which consisted of my survivor Nancy Wheeler just bouncing up and down from the floor.

Finally the killer disconnected bored of watching Nancy bounce.

It was a hilarious end to a clean cut loss game on the survivors behalf.


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