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New Killer suggestion: Werewolf

With the release of the Demogorgon I came up with another animalistic style killer with The Werewolf. The werewolf is just like the mythological half human and half wolf. Now it is said that the curse of lycanthropy is passed through bites of the cursed/afflicted person.

In this instance the killer is in a hybrid form so it would have a swipe attack (M1 attack) with it's claws and it's mori would be to rip out the throat of the victim. The power that the killer uses is "Predatory Fury".

Predatory Fury- this power enables the killer to automatically sense any survivor within the terror radius (I think the standard is 32 meter radius) by "scent" and it moves very quietly and very quickly. Just like a wolf on the hunt you will not hear them until they are super close to you. Also while in this state the killer has a reduced penalty for missing an attack.


Pack Mentality- Anytime two or more survivors are fixing the same generator or healing another survivor, it automatically places each member in the action into an Oblivious state and reduces the terror radius of the killer by 10%/20%/30%.

Lone Hunter- While moving without carrying a survivor, your terror radius is reduced by 50% and you move 15%/20%/30% faster. While carrying a survivor you are at a minus 15% additional penalty for moving.

Bestial Courage- While chasing a survivor your speed is increased by 15% however you lose 5% of your speed for each obstacle the survivor is able to put between you and them.

Track the Weak- If you are in a chase and lose the survivor, the killer automatically detects any survivors within a 50 meter range if they are wounded. Any wounded survivors have a brighter aura than normal.

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