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Exit Gates Should Regress

I'm sorry but 99% both doors is a BS tactic.

I love getting <censored> on by people who run up, unhook someone (and take a hit), then their friend bodies me so I can't hit either of them, and they open the gate in 0.00005 seconds and get away.

If you start to open an exit gate and leave, it should slowly regress. Maybe 0.5% every second (basically, 1% every 2 seconds)

This would force players to chose; open the gate, or save a friend?

As it is, Survivors just 99% both gates and then act like it took any skill to pallet loop me (they always try to save the pallets closest to the exit gates, just for added 'Don't even try, Killer' points).

99% the Exit Gates is basically a free win. The Killer cannot stop anyone who taps that gate from getting away. There's 0 risk and 100% reward.



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