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Pig cosplay by Fraxinus

fraxinusfraxinus Member Posts: 2
edited October 2019 in Cosplay Contest

I molded and made the head from scratch out of wire, thermoplastic, and paper mache. After painting the whole thing (and gluing a basically two wigs onto it) I got to start on the coat, which I finished at 8am the Saturday of New York Comic Con. The knife is retractable and covered in blood because I couldn't not be some kind of prestige. I made the coat out of a canvas material to be more like a workman's coat and it looks good, so I can't regret too much, but what I can regret, whoo boy. I can't wait to wonder out in the woods for better photos with my roommate's Feng cosplay!

My instagram is @ashcraiig and my twitter is @fraxLnus


  • mxlv80mxlv80 Member Posts: 13

    People shouldnt unterestimade, how much work has to put even in a rather "simple" killer design. Your Costume turned yout great!. You said, that the knive is retractable. Mind to explain, how exactly your knive-mechanic works? Well, done, again.

  • DarkskiesDarkskies Member Posts: 1,129

    🐖💖 Super cool cosplay 🐷💕

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