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Myers Rework I was thinking about

Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,063
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So, while GhostFace and Myers are really similar right now, I feel like GhostFace is a bit better, especially with the Spine Chill nerf to Myers. I'd like to put the fear back in my favorite slasher while also making him seem even more like himself. So here's my attempt at a rework to his powers.

Myers stats:

Move Speed: 110%

TR: 32 meters

Power: Evil Within - Myers is given an obsession which CANNOT CHANGE under any circumstances(DS/Furtive Chase). All survivors on the map except for the obsession are inflicted with the status affect Unaware. While under the Unaware status effect, survivors cannot hear the killer's terror radius, see his red stain, or know when they are in chase(meaning no chase music either), and no detection perks work against the killer(Spine Chill or Premonition included). A survivor does not have any indication of being Unaware until they see the killer for the first time.

The Obsession however is affected by the Determined status effect. The killer is not affected by any movement speed buffs when chasing the Obsession, including bloodlust.

The killer's Active Ability allows him to stalk survivors. This will allow him to see their auras but no longer charges for one hit downs. This is mainly a tracking tool now.

The killer's secondary Active Ability allows him to kill the Obsession by hand without hooking them at all on their first down, however if the Obsession has Decisive Strike, it will be activated upon the killer's first attempt instead(I was thinking perhaps giving it a time limit and having that time limit activate after hooking a survivor but considering how easily he will probably be looped at 110% move speed, I'm not sure if that's the best option).

Basically Myers' goal is to kill the obsession, but he doesn't have any extra power in doing so against them. His perks are made for this style of gameplay far better than current Myers, allowing him to gain speed and attack speed against other survivors. Other survivors will never know he's there without being extremely careful. His move speed will be less than tier 2 but more than tier 1 to accommodate for that style of gameplay. The obsession will still hear his heartbeat, chase music, see his red stain, etc and not allow him to bloodlust off of them to account for only being allowed one chance to live against against him. So it makes it kind of like a game of cat and mouse.

haven't thought of addons yet, but will update this post when I do. Scratched Mirror will obviously work the same way, wall hacks. Vanity Mirror might give a shorter distance wall hack while Scratched Mirror would give longer distance. Perhaps one of his red addons would make it where the obsession would also be affected by the Unaware status effect, in addition to removing their Determined status effect and Myers' ability to kill them by hand. I think most addons will be additions to his stalking detection power. Perhaps visibility of totems being worked on, chests being opened, generators being worked on. Mainly just information.

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  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    Can you simplify it? Its all sentence makes me hard to understand your point or how it works in this rework.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,643

    First off... it needs to be broken up for simplicity.

    Second... no, his perks benefit from the obsession's existence in a game. If the old dying light were still around, then I'd consider it, but I think Micheal as a whole is fine. Maybe tweaking how T3 works can be a good place to start with balancing, but I don't think your proposal works... especially if the obsession isn't changed by DS/FC.

    Third... there is a status effect for that in game which is called oblivious.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,063
    edited October 2019

    First, Is it not broken up enough? I separated his power into parts by how they work.

    Second, yeah, his perks are not related to Michael at all. They're only affected by the obsession's existence, which the perks themselves create. Most other killers have perks related to them in some way. Michael's simply focus on letting the obsession live until the end with no real relation to that obsession for Michael himself.

    Third, Oblivious only allows you to not hear TR music or heartbeat, or be affected by TR related perks. Unaware combines Oblivious and Undetectable, and also makes you unable to see the killer's red stain, hear chase music(meaning you don't even know when he's chasing you without seeing him), and cannot detect the killer through Spine Chill or Premonition. Also Oblivious makes it so that TR related perks do not work, this doesn't. Any TR related perk still works, the survivor just does not HEAR the TR or heartbeat.

    Basically, Michael can kill the obsession with one down, and cannot one shot anymore, but they can hear his normal TR, see his red stain, hear his chase music,etc. Any other survivor gets literally no indication of Michael's existence other than by seeing him physically. They cannot even see his red stain or hear chase music when he's chasing them. Oh and his obsession cannot be changed through perks(DS/Furtive Chase).

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    Look at some of my post and you will know how to simplify things better.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,063

    I mean, if I separated it any other way then it'd look like a big random blob of text because each thing separated is a different mechanic.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    What do you mean?

    To no offense, how old are you?

    Just explain each mechanic break it down to simplier form, use your creativity.


    - how it works

    -how it works

    -how it works





    (Put your point here if you want to)

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,643

    Some may not like the paragraphs to the bottom. I read through them, but others may not. It's just forum advice I guess.

    I'm saying oblivious already does what you're suggesting. Why make a new thing to do exactly what oblivious does... unless you want BT to work against him?

    They are, to a degree. In the movies, he's obsessed with Laurie, and leaves her to last. In both Halloween and Halloween two. He does indeed play with his prey, especially with the bedroom scene. And it does seem that the light of hope dies for laurie during the climax... So I have no problems with his perks (except new dying light) but I do have a problem with them being attached to an "obsession" that isn't affected by other obsession perks. It makes it a lot harder to work with, and create builds for him.

  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 334

    I have no idea what warranted a rework from a perfectly fine killer.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,063

    Those were just explanations at the bottom of how it would work. Oblivious does not do what I suggested.

    Oblivious ONLY hides TR, and makes TR related perks not work for that survivor. Oblivious does NOT hide Red Stain, hide chase music(well maybe you could consider that it does considering all you hear is Freddy's Lullaby, and he's the only one aside from Demogorgon with oblivious, but this is basically replacing chase music/heartbeat), hide from Spine Chill or Premonition, etc etc etc. It does one thing.

    Those perks have nothing to do with Michael though, and he generally doesn't even use them. Most Michael's use Monitor and Abuse(you wouldn't need to with this rework unless you were focusing on the obsession). Lore wise, they may have some merit, but in game you pretty much always see a Spirit with Haunted Grounds, a Pig with Surveillance or Make Your Choice, a Legion with Discordance, a Doctor with Monitor and Abuse, a Freddy with Blood Warden, a GhostFace with one of his perks(I don't have a problem with any of his perks personally except I'm All Ears), a Demogorgon with Surge, a Nurse with Nurse's Calling or Stridor, or both, a Bubba with BBQ, a Billy with Enduring, Clown with Coulrophobia or Pop or Bamboozle, etc etc.

    How does your obsession not changing make anything more difficult, including builds? In most games your obsession will not change. Most people hate Furtive Chase, and while DS is possible, it's not like any perk is going to suffer by the obsession being the same. And as a character, Michael Myers doesn't randomly get obsessed with someone new. He focuses on one person(Laurie), and just kills anyone else in the way. If the obsession not changing would be problematic, there could always be a solution in addons with some other changes.

    I just don't think Myers being able to kill whoever just DSed him is appropriate, and Furtive Chase wouldn't really work anyways because if he caught the obsession he might as well kill them, and by then Furtive Chase would be pointless because his TR is for all intents and purposes 0 to all other survivors.

    I did explain how each mechanic works step by step. Each paragraph(or occasionally one-two line sentence) is a different mechanic. If I lumped any of that together, or separated it more, it would not be coherent at all. The only thing that isn't mechanics are the last two paragraphs.

    The similarities between GhostFace and Myers are pretty frustrating, and Myers is the most fun when you don't know where he's coming from. I got rid of both of those problems with one suggestion, and he even moves faster than he would have if he stayed in tier 1 with Scratched Mirror. GhostFace now is really better than Myers, unless for example, Myers is using infinite tier 3 or something extremely powerful and manages to get it off. He's even harder to see in general making him much more difficult to keep track of. Myers was also nerfed recently as Spine Chill and Premonition work against him now.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,643

    Then maybe you're not explaining what exactly you want this new status to do... since all you're asking for is (that I see) the red stain to be hidden and the TR to be hidden... Undetectable does this already (you are correct about oblivious). Why not just apply Undetectable to Michael in that case?

    I know most Michael's don't use them, but lore wise they are his perks.

    If the obsession does not change due to perks, it gives Michael builds less variety and limit him in a way that just doesn't need to happen. It's an unintuitive change.

    I just think this rework is kind of dumb, in the long run.

    It's clear we'll continue to disagree.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,063

    Undetectable does not do what I'm asking. Undetectable is still countered by Spine Chill and Premonition. Only AURA reading is affected by it. Unaware combines Oblivious, Undetectable, and it's own addition of not seeing the red stain, not being seen by Spine Chill or Premonition(something Michael used to have but was recently taken away), and having absolutely no chase music, or any knowledge of him being around you even IN a chase. It'd bring real fear because unless you had direct line of sight of him at all times(this isn't easy), you're in danger.

    That was one thing I was aiming to change. Without needing M&A you can change it out for PWYF or STBFL. You'd potentially either get cooldown reduction or more move speed(increasing your move speed to 115%. Imagine a Tier 1 Myers at 115% move speed while also having a normal lunge).

    Again, nearly everyone hates Furtive Chase and says it's completely useless. There isn't really a lot you can do with it with Michael, outside of Furtive Chase + Judith's Journal as of now, and it would be straight up pointless on this Myers anyways, unless there were some addons that did something aside from allow him to kill his obsession. As I said, why would you hook someone you could straight up kill? It doesn't kill build variety with literally one perk affecting it(You can't build around DS, survivors have to be using it). If someone wanted a build focusing on changing obsessions, an addon that allowed this to happen would be possible anyways.

    Killing the obsession in this manner would be overpowered. You just get DSed by a survivor in an open area with no pallets left, that survivor is suddenly dead. That would be entirely unnecessary and Michael should have to work for that kill. Besides, Michael wouldn't just be like "Must kill Laurie at all costs", then suddenly change his mind and say "Forget about Laurie, must kill Quentin at all costs". The obsession system in my mind is silly anyways. An obsession is something you're obsessed with. If you're obsessed with something, you don't just change your obsession on a whim. You focus on it above anything else.

    I don't think it's dumb personally(but then I'm the one who came up with it so I wouldn't). Literally everyone says Michael is the most fun with Scratched Mirror. This just basically gives him a Scratched Mirror power up to the extreme while also allowing him to kill one person completely.

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