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3.3.0 update or double bp later this week or we riot



  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 3,873

    While true I was just using family to symbolise a gift.

    Now not all gifts are secret and your birthday from your other half is a gift most expect if it's been the norm. My point was company or not that no one has a right to demand anything other than a working base game and the dlc they purchased.

    Now there have and always will be bugs and as I said before that is true of any online game that it ever changing. How bad the bugs are in games is a deciding factor if we enjoy playing them. For the most part the bugs are niggles and the main issue is the vast majority only affect some players which is what makes a lot of game bugs a long process than most think to fix.

    I agree the clown should be fixed asap as it's a chargable skin but I also beleive right now I would guess the resources are being used elsewhere as all the upcoming cosmetics for the rift have to be working or the patch could take even longer to release.

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