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Forum bug? My comments appear multiple times in the same topic.

TotohliTotohli Member Posts: 40

Yesterday at work i decided to browse the forum and post some comments, it was on Internet Explorer. After a while i noticed that the comments i posted were saved as drafts, i got a box that said 'your comment will appear when it has been approved'.

I thought 'ok, i'll just wait then'. Couple of hours later at home, i noticed they were still in drafts, and that i could simply publish my reaction immediately (Firefox).
Naturally i just did that and posted some new reactions as well, in Firefox i never had the 'Approval box' appear and my comments always appeared instantly.

Sad thing now is that in the topics i commented on yesterday at work, my comments appear like 2 or 3 times and i can't delete thim. It is a bit bothersome for me because now it looked like i was spamming and it leaves a bad impression.

So can anyone delete the duplicates for me?
Hopefully there's a simple fix that prevents this from happening again.

All the best
Thank you for the forum and have a nice day!



  • TotohliTotohli Member Posts: 40

    Extra information:

    All of the comments got duplicated/posted at 2:40 AM.
    This happened automatically since i was sleeping at that time.
    I changed all the comments so it's less long and easier to find and delete.

  • No_Cluie_LouisNo_Cluie_Louis Member Posts: 772

    i'm having the exact problem, and you can't delete them i think. What i did was edit some of the comments so it looked like i was just saying something else each time (eg. changed one to a smiley face ect)

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