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Happy Halloween by betti357

Since I couldn't come up with a serious nor scary picture for Halloween... I did something stupid instead. xD

I'm big Michael Myers fan, and he is my favourite killer to play against in this game, I wanted to create a pic of him for the Event, and the announcement of his new outfit gave me the idea.

I can't wait to lay my hands on this outfit.

I put my team on the pic, usually this is how it goes when we play against a Mikey. Two of us jump immediately on Mikey while the last member of the team facepalming in the background...


  • ShrevyShrevy Member Posts: 37

    Poor Michael, he's going to be forever followed in this new cosmetic [easy kills, so entity will be pleased]. The Marilyn pose is cracking me up, it's so ridiculous and fun, I love it! Amazing job per usual, I'm in awe of your painting skills!

  • betti357betti357 Member Posts: 30

    ahahahahha awww thank you! And yep, he will be stomped by fans in his new outfit(I hope), and I will be in the first row... :) and yep, he looked so ridiculous I giggled through the first few hours while I painted. But I hope with this new outfit, we will be able to see him more in the game... I barely have matches against him sadly.

    Thank you for your kind words !:) I saw yours already and I frikkin love it, love your style and the idea too!

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