What is the current meta?

Just wondering cause I have been gone for while and I have no idea what is going on haha


  • VictoryVictory Member Posts: 23

    @JFox said:
    as survivor : Playing Claudette because everybody does, Self care, decisive strike, sprint burst, tea bagging, pallet looping, be the most toxic as possible, ragequit when the killer down you

    as killer : focus and tunnel one survivor in particular, BBQ, Ruin, when someone insult you, just answer "HAHAHAHAHAHA" and that's it

    no but seriously, don't play meta, the meta of this game sucks

    Self care really isn't meta anymore as it takes 24 seconds to heal yourself, 30 with butcher, so not many survs run it. The meta usually consists of Adrenaline/BT/DS/unbreakable. Perk builds/strategies arent really toxic, but weird flex but ok.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 902
    Unbreakable? No way that's meta, even though it's useful sometimes. And don't forget exhaustion perks. Dead Hard seems to be the most popular, but the others too. Self care is still run by about half of the survivors I face. We'll Make It, BT, DS and Iron Will are meta or very close to it. For some reason, I see Breakdown quite often too, though I don't think it's nearly as useful as Distortion.
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