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Scorched Harvester skin causes 1 second lag on trap setup/teleport

deadbyjeffdeadbyjeff Member Posts: 14
edited October 25 in The Hag


Platform: PC

Description of the issue: scorched harvester skin on hag causes about 1 second lag at the end of animation of trap setup and triggered trap teleport - screen just freezes for 1 second - this makes game unplayable.

Steps to reproduce (if possible): buy bugged out scorched harvester skin, equip it - have fun with placing traps and teleporting to them as a bonus - get tbaged extensively when u stutter and the camera goes on a spin around the world to the sound of daft punk...

How often does this occur: Every. Goddamn. Time.

I demand a refund - i did not pay for this to handicap myself. what is this even? new era of microtransactions that harm you? thats scummier than whatever EA pulled XD But seriously - please refund my AC and take this broken mess skin away from my account

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