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First Hook Suicide Is The Same As Disconnecting

I have to say it again; If you suicide on your first hook because you don't like a Killer, or a Killer's perks: You are disconnecting.

You are abusing a loophole to avoid punishment, but you are disconnecting.

Don't bother saying 'It's not the same because..' because IT IS THE SAME.


Leaving the match because you hate the Killer/Perk(s) being used. This screws over your team early on. It also denies the Killer a large amount of bloodpoints because it's one less Survivor to chase & hook 2-3 times.

First Hook Suicide:

Leaving the match because you hate the Killer/Perk(s) being used. This screws over your team early on. It also denies the Killer a large amount of bloodpoints because it's one less Survivor to chase & hook 2-3 times.

Huh. When I put it that way, it's almost like people who first-hook suicide are the same people that would outright DC if it were not a bannable offense. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

And don't get me started on the BS, self-centered argument that 'games are supposed to be FUN, and my fun matters more than 4 other people's fun!'

When you log in, you accept that a Killer (or Survivor, for you DCing Killers) will use a person/perk(s) you don't like. Grow a freaking pair and accept it or stop logging in. You don't matter more than 4 other people ALSO trying to have fun.

If this little self-centered argument had ANY weight, DCing would not be banned in the first place.

Don't bother trying to argue it; you're wrong. First Hook Suicides are exactly like DCing while having the bonus of abusing a technicality to avoid punishment. The intent behind it is the same for both; leaving as fast as possible, screwing over your teammates & the Killer in the process.

The reason I made this post? Because, when servers go live, and DCing is more heavily punished, we will see an upsurge in first-hook suicides. DC bans will do nothing to change the underlying problem, only the method with which they do it. I want Devs to be aware of this, so they can properly combat the problem.



  • SkeletonWitchSkeletonWitch Member Posts: 94

    As a killer, you still get a kill.

    As a survivor though it's really a dick move and it's even worse when it's a SWF team of potatoes and they first-hook suicide one by one.

  • martin27martin27 Member Posts: 696

    On the positive side it does remove a hook from play unless it's basement hook

  • Herman_CMHHerman_CMH Member Posts: 181

    May I know is it when a player dc, he/she will still keep the item he brings in the game?

    if yes, this dc problem can be easily solved by removing the item I guess

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,426

    I'm afraid that's never gonna be fixed unless you remove self unhooking then luck offerings slippery meat and deliverance would have to be reworked

  • KuromiStarwindKuromiStarwind Member Posts: 325

    Pretty much, yeah. You're not screwing the killer over but you're screwing your teammates over.

    And again, the only way to fix it is to actually. punish. people. If reporting people who did this and they got enough reports actually got them a punishment, then people may stop. But instead people just sit around making up BS excuses for why we can't punish people.

  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 3,127

    I wonder if they can make a system that catches that.

    Like for example, if they don't struggle at all. It's counted as a DC.

  • legacylegacy Member Posts: 53

    And what ? You want to ban suicide on hook too ? Lets be serious when someone suicide on hook the only one who get avantage of this is the killer cuz the rest of the team is fck. Stop flaming for some bp when the rest of the survivor are going to lose more than you

  • CentrumCentrum Member Posts: 160

    I'd rather have a fun game everyone enjoyed instead of an easy win or a gimmie because some scrub decided to DC/Suicide & screw over his team.

    So I'll keep flaming people who run away like babies because I used a Killer/Perk(s) they don't like.

    I can be upset at how it screws people over, even if it benefits me. It's called empathizing with people.

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 2,045
    edited October 2019

    However, punishing people for actively DCing is one thing.

    They won't punish people for killing themselves on hook. It won't get better if they start doing that, I can promise you that much. People would just stop playing altogether.

    The issue is, that this game does not have a comp. and casual. It has a casual game, mixed with a competitive system. Which is not a great idea.

    Most games separate these 2, and punish those who leave comp. matches, but not casual matches, as there really isn't as much at stake aside from team/points, compared to ranked.

    They can't just go around punishing people for not wanting to play. That's why a casual and competitive mode is needed. But I doubt that would happen.

    It's a tough situation. But as far as I am concerned. They should continue to punish active DCing and let the killing on hook deal be. Will it be the same problem? Yes, everyone knows this. But again, they really shouldn't go around punishing for killing on the hook.

    It would get messy quickly. And the last thing this game needs, is more messes.

  • EverflowingRiverEverflowingRiver Member Posts: 562

    Wrong, I believe you get more emblem progress the more hooks you get. So by doing this, the survivor costs the killer 2 potential hooks.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,593

    Remember that suicides also skew the statistics to show killers more lethal than they are.

  • ColonGlockColonGlock Member Posts: 1,067

    Stop trying to control what players do if it is allowed by the rules of the game.

    I will take a BBQ stack all day instead of a player disconnecting.

    Create incentives for staying in the match. Bloodpoints would likely motivate most survivors.

    Or you can go the route of disabling their perks for a set number of matches. :)

    The rest will do what they want and the devs are the only ones who can come up with some solution.

  • EverflowingRiverEverflowingRiver Member Posts: 562

    So I can have a teammate DC and ruin the game that way? No thanks. The only solution I see is a ban for DC and eliminate the ability to struggle on second hook. Make the struggle passive and on a timer so there can be no suicide.

  • legacylegacy Member Posts: 53

    Lol are you a troll, or a killer main meme maybe ? Not cuz you believe something that it’s real.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,274

    You get survival points for struggling. Though adding altruism points if a killer is camping would be interesting.

  • EverflowingRiverEverflowingRiver Member Posts: 562

    Not a troll. I play killer more than survivor but I do play both. That shouldn't discredit what I've seen or said. What did I say that would warrant me being called a troll? I'm actually offering up ideas to fix a large problem with the game, unlike you.

  • EverflowingRiverEverflowingRiver Member Posts: 562

    And I don't think camping is the main reason for suicide or DC. It's people who don't want to lose or play after being caught.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,274

    That's why I said it would be interesting to add it. If you're getting face camped you're unlikely to get many points. This would soften that blow.

  • LOALOA Member Posts: 235
    edited October 2019

    Are you a Spirit Main or maybe a Freddy? Those are the only killers I ever see my survivor mates kill themselves on the hook against. Maybe the Iridescent Huntress too. Some people just can't handle the challenge. It's kinda sad. You are never going to get better that way.

  • EverflowingRiverEverflowingRiver Member Posts: 562

    I play as Huntress (normal hatchet) and Ghostface. You are right though, quitting is no way to get better.

  • ChatkovskiChatkovski Member Posts: 309

    Suicide is a legitimate strategy.

    And it is not even a suicide, it is a triple failed attempt at escapes, followed by the failure of the struggle against the Entity, all this without any comrade coming to save us soon enough.

    Killers do not like the suicide of a survivor, but enjoy the Mori unbalancing and shortening the game, adding frustration, in exactly the same way... Strange.

    Seriously, this is not a desirable behavior either. However, I am not in favor of solving problems with stupid punishment.

    Act on causes (because no one likes to commit suicide, and players want to... play), it's the only reasonable thing to do. And please remove this key harassment for the struggle stage... so boring.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,210

    I really think first hook suicides (or any kind of hook suicide within the first X minutes or when all players are still alive) should carry the same penalty as disconnecting.

  • CentrumCentrum Member Posts: 160

    Rofl. It's attempting to escape knowing full well you will fail, and probably running AT the Killer if you succeed. it's then avoiding struggling (not 'failing', it's NOT TRYING) to die so you can leave the match in 10 seconds because the Killer is someone you don't like, or they have a perk you don't like.

    It's disconnecting while dodging the DC punishment, plain and simple. Don't try to obfuscate it. It's a delibrate death to run away of something you don't want to play against, leaving 3 Survivors screwed.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,894

    Disconnecting is one thing but when you deal with first hook suicides ( damn that's really weird statement without context) it's a very grey area.

    Especially if it's not the last two people it's a very poor move on their part as you said it robs both the survivor and the killer of a lot of points and a lot of perk potential (with the exception of barbecue and pop goes the weasel).

    However you can't exactly force a person to play a game.

    You take away their ability to disconnect effectively which by right you should they are just going to kill themselves on first hook

    Take away the ability to kill themselves on the first Hook and likelihood is that they're just going to stand there afk until they get killed on struggle phase.

  • CentrumCentrum Member Posts: 160

    And if someone has high afk times in matches (it can be tracked and recorded, easily. The idle crows track afk time), they get timeouts leading to bans.

    People will always find a way to cheat, too. Does that mean we should let them cheat? No! It means we keep fighting back into the little scrubs find it too hard to scrub out & finally leave the game, leading to a much healthier game where people aren't DCing/Hook Suiciding/Idling.

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