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I was sooooo close to Evil Incarnate... (I feel semi proud XD)

Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,036

This is my first match as Killer ever since the rank reset. (I was a rank 6 before reset)

This is the hardest addon combination I tried with my usual perks. (except I'm all ears, I usually use Nurses Calling)

I might get rid of Dying Light and replace it with overcharge or something.

what should I change it to?


  • Actually I would change whole build. Dying Light is not that useful since you are not about hooking survivors. Also SBFL does not seem to be good since you are not about hitting survivors. In my opinion I Am All Ears is not a great perk. And at last - Spirit Fury - I think it is best when you lunge through pallet, but lunge does not let you mori with Tombstone. One of best perks as Tombstone Myers is Play With Your Food since mori is not considered as an offensive action and you don't loose stacks. It also lets you to negate debuff to movement speed that Tombstone has. As a Second perk I would put a Ruin - obviously to slow the game a little bit. For third and fourth perk I would use somehing to help me find survivors and to slow the game down. Maybe Wishpers? I heard that Corrupt Intervention is nice game-slowing perk, you could give it a try. Good luck getting this achivement.

  • Lord_HankeLord_Hanke Member Posts: 23

    I got the achievement during an event when survivors were aiming for the event pustula thing, but be prepared that survivors are going to jump into lockers when they realise that you are going for the achievement.

    My build: Ruin, Whispers, Play with your food, brutal strengh

    I needed 3-4 attempts

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,018

    Saw someone use insidious because of lockers. They went around the corner and waited for the person to leave the locker.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,678

    You need both Ultra Rares for Evil Incarnate. It'll take forever to get to T3, and you'll be slow, but when you get there they will be terrified.

    Because of the slowdown, having PWYF is required. Any other perks are up to you, but I'd recommend anything that doesn't revolve around hooking/hurting other players (In other words, no Thanata, No Pop, No Devour Hope... etc.)

    The strat: Find your obsession first, and get out of T1, as well as get all stacks with PWYF. Then stalk as much evil as you can as quickly as you can. However, if you can grab people, due to their overconfidence, then do so. Then get to T3 and mori away. By the time you get to T3, I wouldn't be surprised if most gens are gone... but now they'll be afraid. If someone works on a gen, bodyblock them till they finish. If they go in a locker, pull them out and hang them (up to 2 times). Try to find where the hatch is so you can close it or cut off the last survivor.

    That should get you Evil Incarnate, but that's my way of doing it. It may not work on certain maps (Haddonfield), but you can always bring a map offering.

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