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Mori Nerf

First of all, i just wanted to say thank you for the needle event. It's been the best experience I've had in this trash game for teh past two years. Survivor nerf after nerf after nerf and then this gem of an experience. Fantastic job. Hands down, the best event you've ever had. As a side note, because I know it's meaningless after 3 years of it existing, if you press space bar to needle someone off the floor under a pallet, there is a slight, "slight," *SLIGHT* chance that... it throws the pallet and needles them and puts them in an "uninteractable" state... where they can't do anyting, they are frozen. nobody can interact with them either, killer or survivor. Fascinating bug. My favorite as well.

Also, since you've nerfed flashlights into a useless state, and you've nerfed brand new parts into an "avoid at all costs in your bloodweb" state, and now needles are useless... I have a mori nerf idea that is pretty much banal by comparison.


You can only mori someone after the second unhook.


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