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written some time ago.  reprinted with kind permission from my bad self.


"...there's a devil lying next to you, you might think he's asleep but you'd better take a look at his eyes."-nick cave

Growing up, I was a rebellious little punk.  No, I'm serious.  Bear with me.  I listened to heavy metal, read "the satanic bible", "sex and satanism" and "the necronomicon".  I also enjoyed the look on my father's face when he would find such books and rip them in half in a religious fervor.  How my parents endured me without employing a baseball bat for disciplinary measures is beyond me.   I was increasingly fascinated by dark subjects into my late teens, early 20's.  It was around this time that I began meeting people (literally one after the other) who had experience with such things.  It was from this (much later realized) that I developed the belief that just like when seeking a relationship with God, he met me halfway,  the Devil did the same.  

I was seeking power and respect.  Nothing more to say about that except to provide some backstory.  I was able to see when someone was touched by such events in their eyes.  I had been successful at seeing they had 3 times and once I was wrong.

13 years ago or so, I owned a condominium in Kentucky.  Something was wrong with that place.  Something, other than the simpering dolt that is my bad self being there, that is.  I had lost a lot of my fascination with such things but it had come back around this time.  Reading a lot of it.  Mostly on the internet.  A couple strange things occured.  I began waking up in the middle of the night with a profound feeling of being watched.  One night, it was so overwhelming, I felt like crying in fear.  That had never happened prior.  I have been in fear for my life several times and yet it wasn't nearly as frightening as this.  The feeling of being watched happened at various times throughout the day but always at home.  I fully expected to turn my head and see someone or something staring at me.  I had a girlfriend at the time and she would stay the night sometimes.  I never spoke to her of this because I was embarrassed about it and thought I had merely been reading too much Stephen King.  Yet, one morning she told me that she felt strongly that someone was watching her.  I got a bit spooked as this cast into doubt my rationalizations of these events being an overactive imagination.

I had had a cat pretty much my entire life up to that point, also.  I was quite familiar with their behavior.  One day, the cat I had at the time was freaking the ######### out.  Standing in the middle of the room, staring at the ceiling.  All hunkered down with big eyes.  Growling but I could see she was terrified.  I tried several times to get the cat to knock it off by yelling at it.  I was getting seriously creeped out.  I saw nothing where the cat was looking but she most certainly saw it.  I rolled up a newspaper (loosely) and hit the cat and she ran into the other room and hid for two days.

The final event was while I was sleeping on the couch.  My girlfriend was in the bedroom and I suspect either she or I "wasn't acting right" because of my choice to sleep out there.  I woke up in the usual fashion.  Heart racing with the feeling of being watched but this time was different.  I felt...something inside me.  It felt ancient and it felt evil.  I knew it was also quite wise.  Just what I felt.  Exactly.  I was too terrified to move or speak.  I tried to call out to my girlfriend but I could barely muster a whisper.  Never...have I felt like that.  I laid there until the morning which was about 2 hours and never told her of this experience.  

It all seemed very real at the time and I have never experienced anything like it since then.


  • Spooky man. I had a door in my house that would creak open each time I went near it. I attempted to push on on it and open it. it didn't.life is scary

  • EpicFailTryHardEpicFailTryHard Member Posts: 1,316
    that is creepy.  thanx for the feedback. that was...15 years ago or so as of now. i haven't experienced anything like that since then. i saw an interesting documentary about 2 or 3 years ago called "my amityville horror", which featured the son of george lutz, who is now an adult. the things alleged to have happened with that house are questionable but evidently george lutz was obsessed with the occult. it was odd to hear of someone having had a similar experience. i still remain fascinated by horror movies, books and music but i tend not to read of such subject matter (occult & satanism) these days.

    i remain convinced of the authenticity of the experience. i used to party hard in the day but have been sober 25 years now. some still remain skeptical of the story and have suggested i experienced an acid flashback. i have experienced those and this....was not that.
  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 5,176
    Very creepy. Sometimes I also get the feeling I'm being watched but I always tell myself that it's nothing and just go to sleep. But when I'm too creeped out to sleep I leave the TV on because I think that the light will keep evil away, it sounds pretty childish I know but what else can I do?
  • EpicFailTryHardEpicFailTryHard Member Posts: 1,316
    i feel ya.  i still won't put my feet over the edge of the bed.
  • EpicFailTryHardEpicFailTryHard Member Posts: 1,316

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