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Seriously, why does the whole team have to depip when a jerk d/c right after first down?

This pattern has happened to me enormous times when a survivor gets downed 1 min after the game, d/cs right away, and other teammates just sacrifices themselves on first hook (which I understand).

1. There should be a protection mechanism for the survivors so that noone else depips when someone d/cs (including killer) due to non-technical issues. Also punish the d/c by suspending his/her account for a period of time (an hour or so).

2. An unranked mode where everyone can have fun. d/cs still get punished.

3. Also game crash SHOULD NOT result in a depip. Fix your game rather than letting players take the consequences.

It's been such a frustrating experience over the last few days trying to rank up, where I ran into random issues (no mither memes, d/cs, game crashes). Guess I'll take a break, and hopefully these issues will get addressed someday.

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