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Shy and LF friends/swf

fangbriarfangbriar Member Posts: 12

fangbriar (all lower case)

I'm 28, lgbt, and on eastern time (EST). I sleep at night, but otherwise I like to play before or after work and on weekends.

My rank fluctuates, but I think my true rank is probably around 10. My playstyle is moderately altruistic - I'll take a hit for you if I can, and I'd appreciate it in return. Sort of good at looping, admittedly not the best at winning chases. I cannot do the 360 at all lmao.

Looking for chill people who try their best. Kind of hesitant to admit this, but there are people I stopped playing with because I had a really bad time in chat with them. They would sometimes use slurs, say the killer r*ped them, or message the killer to tell them to kill themselves afterward, and I ain't about that life.

None of that is fun for me, it ruins a good time entirely, so forgive me if I go ahead and say that I don't want to play with people who act like that. Honestly, it's why I've been afraid to make friends, I'm just afraid I'll meet more people who are like that.

Now that that's been said, feel free to send me a party invite or a friend request! I'm really excited about the event and the release of the archives!


  • LLLusionaryLLLusionary Member Posts: 2

    Hey, I'd be glad in playing with you. I live in London, mostly play after work. I main killers but I been looking for chill people to play survivor with.

    Psn is : LLLusionary so don't be afraid to add me.

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