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My idea on Map Reworks

FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711
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I've been thinking on plausible map rework ideas. What do you think about them? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. :D

Coal Tower: The map should be a tiny bit larger. It's relatively easy to patrol Gens on this map, Pallets are clustered together.

Ironworks of Misery:

Add a doorway near the god window to make it less safe and mindgameable, however, it can still be strong on the right hands.

Groaning Storehouse: The god window should never spawn. The gens should be pushed a bit more towards the center of the map, they are quite hard to patrol as a low-mobility killer.

Shelter Woods: Add an object to use Balanced Landing on, as it's virtually impossible to use it on this map without using a glitch, for instance a fallen tree or something like that.

Less jungle gyms, but add some debris loops, like the other MacMillan Maps have. Loops (not counting jungle gym ones) should be a bit safer.

Suffocation Pit: Make the gens spawn farther from each other. It's too easy to perform a 3-gen-strategy on this map. Reduce the chance of the god window spawning.

Azarov's Resting Place: OK

Blood Lodge:

(Green = Debris Loops

Red = Maze Tiles)

Make the Lodge spawn in the middle of the Map, as the map is too much open, and stealth killers have an extremely hard time playing on this map. Reduce the number of Pallets slightly and make them spawn farther from each other.

Wretched Shop:

Remove the window on the left side of the building, creating a new doorway, and create another doorway on the right side of the building, on the same wall segment as the other window. This loop can still be strong on the right hands, but can also be mindgamed.

Wreckers' Yard: OK

Gas Heaven:

Make the car piles smaller, reduce the size of the map, push the gens a bit more towards the center.

Fractured Cowshed:

Make only one window spawn in the Barn. Slightly reduce the length of the loops located near the Barn.

Rancid Abattoir:

The god window should never spawn, or a doorway should be added near it.

Rotten Fields:

(Orange: Debris Loops

Light Gray: Sacrificial Tree

Brown: Harvester

Red: Maze Tiles)

The middle of the map is currently a dead-end if the shack pallet is gone, divide the cornfield into two different ones and make them spawn parallel to the shack. Add some debris loops near the Shack, Jungle Gyms should be on the outskirts of the map.

Torment Creek:

Either add a doorway on the fallen ceiling of the silo (the gray bowl-like thing at its back), or prevent the god window from spawning.

Thompson's House:

The god loops near the Thompson House should be scattered throughout the map, rather than beside each other.

Disturbed Ward:

Reduce the number of Pallets inside the Asylum by 2, add a doorway beside the god window.

Father Campbell's Chapel:


Pale Rose: OK

Grim Pantry:

Make the map a bit smaller and add a doorway near the god window so that the Killer can keep chasing the survivor.

Treatment Theatre:

Make the map a little less confusing by adding an area that always spawn in the same place.

Mother's Dwelling:

Make the map smaller, it takes too long for low-mobility killers to patrol Generators.

Temple of Purgation:

Push the Gens a bit towards the center, make Pallets spawn further from each other, make the map smaller (it sometimes appears to be larger than Mother's Dwelling, which is the largest map in the game)

Badham Preschool: OK

The Game:

Make the Pallets less safe.

Family Residence:

Remove some bamboo plants, they are very confusing mid-chase and frequently cause Killers who rely on Scratch Marks (such as Spirit) to lose the Survivor. The map is also a safe heaven for Claudette's.

Mount Ormond Resort: Push the Gens towards the middle, add 1 Pallet or 2, make one of the Pallets on the balcony of the Cottage mindgameable.

Underground Complex: OK


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