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How I report two players?

At the last of the match there only were this dude and me. I helped all the survivors. There were 2 gen last and I was doing one. While I was repairing it I noticed that the other survivore was doing nothing so I did the same. I found hatch and I was waiting to escape from there. After a while the killer hit him and he let him go away. The survivore ran toward me, I was hiden in a looker and he pointed it. I realized he was agree with the killer. He escaped succefully while the killer got me. I saw after the match that he and the killer was near and that the killer showed him the hatch and let him escape. How I can be sure they will be banned for this? I mean one report is sufficient? Is it enough or its useless? There is a way to report them maybe to the entire community or to the directors or whatever. Sorry for my bad English and I'm pissed off this insnt the first time that it happens. Thank you

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  • OversizeAtom51OversizeAtom51 Member Posts: 3

    I forgot to tell that he took him up and let him fall several time in order to let him to get my position

  • OversizeAtom51OversizeAtom51 Member Posts: 3

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It's very frustrating but as you said I can't do nothing at all. I just hope they get a ban because dbdl is a nice game. I will still play. Thank you

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