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I know it’s all been said

But once spirit gets nerfed I’m gonna lose all hope. I really hate the way that if a killer isn’t trash enough they need to be “looked at for overperforming”. I was holding my breath on the nurse changes and surprise, just another kick in the nads to give survivors more time to plan their tea bag exit strategy when the gates are already open😔


  • xRemxRem Member Posts: 375

    "ItS nOT a NeRf it's a SLiGht cHAnge"

    Yeah like with nurse, slight change was adding a feature that limited her power ridiculously. Seriously guys why? Nurse had her own tier and now that shes on an even level with spirit you suddenly have an issue with the character she was brought down to? Does everything killers have need to be removed? It's not even comparable to the dark times either, sure survivors can't literally be invincible even if their trash like then. But the good survivors make you feel powerless as anyone but spirit or nurse because you just get looped, and if you try to mindgame they make you guess whether they just run or try to loop it or fake vault/bait, A GUESS OR GAMBLE? NERF IT NOW- survivors.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    Just play survivor if it bothers you so much, and see how easy it is to beat Spirit.

  • InfinyMageInfinyMage Member Posts: 236

    I'm nervous for The Doctor. Hes not strong and hes supposed to have an addon pass.. But survivors describe him as "unfun" so i wonder how they will butcher the doctor somehow. I'm fearful hes just going to end up in-

    The same place but "Fun" now.

    Legion tier.

    I almost gaurentee that stealth play vs the doctor is going to be hit.

    Next up, lets make healing a thing Vs. The Plague because it means healing builds are useless and its unfun.

    Lets make chainsaws not insta down because that's unfun too.

  • xRemxRem Member Posts: 375
    edited October 2019

    Play killer against decent loopers in a swf as not spirit or nurse and tell me how much fun You have.

    Edit:scratch nurse now

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