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Dedicated Servers - a possibility to reconnect into matches

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TL;DR: Implement a feature that allows people to reconnect into the match in case of disconnects / crashes.


Dead By Daylight is in a rather bad state when it comes to disconencts, ragequits and random crashes. Some of those issues are player-made, others are due to the game itself. 

One thing we all know is that as soon as the game turns into a 3v1, the match is basically over. We can't really punish DCs because "it's hard to tell whether someone disconnected, crashed or purposely ragequitted". This might be true, but if there was a feature that allows for reconnect, it would be very easy to see who purposely abandoned the match or who actually crashed and reconnects shortly after. Many popular games have such a feature, Dota 2, PUBG and Counter Strike: Global Offense to name a few.

So this is not just about giving people a chance to reconnect, it's also about punishing those that don't reconnect and purposely abandon. The accidental disconnects could be repaired while the ragequits could be identified as such. 

The matches take around 13 minutes on average (according to latest statistics) with one minute preperation time, it wouldn't hurt to give the players the option to pause the game for say 2 minutes, to give the players enough time to restart the game and reconnect. If they didn't reconnecet for 5 minutes, the match will count as "Abandoned" and they will suffer from a penalty. The penalty increases the more often they abandon.

What do you guys think about that?

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