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Spirit balance ideas

StargamerXDStargamerXD Member Posts: 19
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Spirit brought mindgames to a whole another level, not being able to see each other and letting each party guess .

But since many Killers adept spirits power, many people think that Spirit is really unfun to play against and not interactive in chases at all.

Why is that? It doesn’t feel like a mindgame when the spirit is phasing. She can hear you and letting you clueless to guess (if there is even a pallet/window available) It doesn’t feel like a 50/50 either.

The problem: the hearing isn’t fair for both parties. The killer can hear your exact position, while the survivor can hear wierd vacuum cleaner sounds if not already in heartbeat range or yoink addon.

So my idea: Would it be fair that survivors should hear her footsteps? So both parties know each others location by hearing and only letting the mindgame the 50/50 decide. Downside: The spirit wouldn’t be able to mindgame that easy while just standing still. Also prayer beads would kinda make it easier for survivors to listen to the footsteps. So change it to reduce/negate footstep sounds?

If this idea gets scrapped, here another:

Since the power is “OP” in its current state, maybe just reduce the frequency she can use it?

Sometimes the Spirit uses addons in a chase/mindgame to quickly speed to another side of the pallet where the survivor is located, while only using a fraction of her gauge.

Since the survivor has already no time to react to that, the spirit can land a hit and immediately phase after the survivor again.

Maybe handle the power like legions. Even when she phases a tiny bit the gauge drops to 50% and in a longer phase either it drops to 0% or the exact % between 0%-50% depends on balance.

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