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Fan made chapter: The final Scream (The Banshee)

Gam1ngga5tlyGam1ngga5tly Member Posts: 129
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Killer is The Banshee (if you know the urban myth you know where we got the idea from)

The Banshees real name is Elizabeth/Elizah Krie.

The survivors name is Jacob Krie. 

We aligned their backstories so they're quite cool.

If I was to put both of them together into one story it goes like this:

Jacob was a very well honored man and soldier, which was why some people wondered why he had fallen in love with and married Elizabeth/Elizah. She was said to have been many things - a witch that cursed a spell on him to make him fall in love with her - a sex worker who had seduced him - and even the spawn of the devil himself. No-one had ever done anything about her and they decided to keep it that was so long as she was with Jacob, he was her shield. After a few short years of marriage, Jacob was called away to war, and was forced to leave his love alone until his return. 

Jacob ending: Unfortunately, his luck ran dry as he found himself broken off from his group, and on the edge of a minefield. A mine exploded, his eardrums rang and his leg pounded, the shrapnel piercing and burning his skin. He was now stranded and on the verge of death, he reached into his pocket and grabbed the locket of which held his beloveds picture. He set his hat down and closed his eyes, the sound of gunshots, screaming aeroplanes and explosions faded away and when he opened them, he was in a strange world, one he would have to survive.

Banshee ending: 

Only months after he left, he was reported dead, his hat being the only thing found of him. The people were outraged and blamed the young woman for his death, and therefore, beginning a riot. She ran, ran to the hills with her cloak in the wind and rope in her hands. She couldn't bare to live without her beloved. She cried for long hours, wiping herself dry of all tears before tightening the rope and looping it around her neck. She took one last breath and dropped. 

Struggle. She struggled for air as the drop didn't kill her immedietly, she screamed but no sound escaped her lips. She tried so hard to scream that her mouth tore and her eyes blackened with blood. Shortly after she stopped, someone cut her down and she wasn't where she was just a few moments ago. She didn't remember anything, why she was crying or screaming, all she could remember was hatred, heartbreak and a cold feeling. She saw a man wearing combat uniform, something seemed familiar about him, but she just couldn't remember. What she did know though, was that seeing that man made her emotions heighten in her chest again. She didn't want this feeling. He had to die.

Jacob Krie perks:

Battle Medic:

You heal dying survivors 10%/15%/20% faster.

When the dying survivor returns to the injured state, all survivors auras are revealed to you and the healed survivor for 6 seconds.

"Come on Soldier. Keep on pushing. Find your team and get home safe." -Jacob Joseph Krie

//May be unlocked in the Bloodweb of Jacob Krie from Level 30+ or in the Shrine of Secrets//


Fearless Soldier:

While in the radius of terror, gain a 4%/6%/8% speed boost to repairing, healing, sabotaging, searching and opening.

"Nothing scares me. I've seen it all... in the heart of war." -Jacob Joseph Krie

//May be unlocked in the Bloodweb of Jacob Krie from Level 35+ or in the Shrine of Secrets//


Determined Warrior:

You are determined to escape, no matter the situation. While injured, your movement speed is increased by 4%/8%/12%, and your running speed is increased by 2%/3%/4%.

"Nothing matters except my return to her." - Jacob Joseph Krie

//May be unlocked in the Bloodweb of Jacob Krie from Level 40+ or in the Shrine of Secrets//

Banshee perks:

Draining Cries:

Damaging a generator will cause the progression to deplete 6%/8%/10% faster than normal progression.

"They took from me, now I shall take from them." -The Banshee

//May be unlocked in the Bloodweb of The Banshee from Level 30+ or in the Shrine of Secrets//


False Discovery:

One chest, per trial, will be fake.

If a survivor completes the fake chest search they will suffer from the Exposed status effect for 5/10/15 seconds and their location is revealed for 4 seconds.

•Chest will NOT contain an item.

"Yes, scream... Feel my pain." -The Banshee

//May be unlocked in the Bloodweb of The Banshee from Level 35+ or in the Shrine of Secrets//


Hex: Silence Falls:

A hex that hinders one's hearing ability. Hitting a Survivor while the Hex Totem is active applies the Deafened status effect.

This effect applies to the last 2/3/4 Survivors hit.

*The Hex effects persist as long as related Hex Totem is standing.*

"You... Hear... Nothing..." -The Banshee

//May be unlocked in the Bloodweb of The Banshee from Level 40+ or in the Shrine of Secrets//

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  • KaraageKaraage Member Posts: 285

    I like the False Discovery perk, but it's far too weak for a one use perk. It has same effect as Iron Maiden, but IM at least can be used unlimited amount of times (shame on survivors if they get caught by it after the first time though). Maybe have the survivor affected suffer from Broken/Exposed for the rest of the Trial? And Chest resets after being used, so someone else can trigger it too.

  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 311

    If Exposed, it should only last until hit. Just to keep things fair.

  • InokaraInokara Member Posts: 50

    This is actually really really good

  • DpoolyDpooly Member Posts: 257

    But what is the Banshee's Power? I think having a passive where if she's stunned, she screams super loud and stuns anyone in front of her but don't know what her actual power could be🤔

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