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UPDATE: This issue should no longer occur. Players who were affected may still be missing currency and/or unable to spend Auric Cells. We are working on a solution to resolve this and restore missing currency, and will update you as soon as possible.

Live Q&A: 3.5.0 PTB/Update



  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 2,943

    How will you assess the impact of the changes made to Ruin?

  • hazthetrapperhazthetrapper Member Posts: 1

    The new Ruin, since playing with it, seems to benefit high pressure killers (Hillbilly, Nurse, etc.). Previously Ruin was used to compensate for low pressure killers.

    Would you consider again changing Ruin, taking away its annoyance factor and simply making it increase generator completion time, adding more seconds to generators per perk tier?

  • aGoodOldRubaGoodOldRub Member Posts: 267
    edited January 2020

    Will there be changes to items like ruin ?

  • TimmylawTimmylaw Member Posts: 77

    It's a pretty simple fix, make totems slow down gets. At start of match gens move at half speed and each cleansed totem makes them go 10% faster. Once all totems are cleansed gens move at 100% speed. Simple, gives a secondary objective but doesn't change the core mechanics

  • cipherbay_cipherbay_ Member Posts: 344

    Will other maps be getting TLC like Doctor map in the future?

  • nyan_painbownyan_painbow Member Posts: 53

    Why is doctor's chasing music so awfully annoying?

  • CalciphirCalciphir Member Posts: 1

    Ruin was changed to decrease how much its used. Are there any plans to rework some of the other perks that players rarely use to increase how much they're actually used? IE: monstrous shrine, no mither, etc.

  • SpicyTopRamenSpicyTopRamen Member Posts: 68

    Will there be other gen slow down perks in the future?

  • AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 3,104

    Do you think it is a good idea to include a natural mechanic in this game that would slow down gens now that Hex: Ruin won't slow them down anymore? Such a mechanic could be to give survivors a repair debuff at the start of the match or blocking all gens for a few seconds every time a gen is completed.

  • manzarimanzari Member Posts: 51
    edited January 2020

    Are the queue times going to be fixed in 3.5.0? As survivor it takes too long to find games but as killer it's almost instant. Both red ranks btw.

  • C0ffeebuzzC0ffeebuzz Member Posts: 1

    Will you update some perks like hex: ruin to be more effective in the game, for example for it to regress every survivor action that's not fully completed such as healing, exit gates, searching, and more?

    Also have any plans for hooks in the level since of they're spawning locations?

    Continue doing good work ya'll <3

  • Gravewalker200Gravewalker200 Member Posts: 418

    How do you feel about people screaming about ruin

  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278

    Now that you have the Doctor reworked and gave him music, will music be given to every Killer periodically and in what conditions will they have to prioritize which Killer will receive chase music (etc) for them? Will the music come with changes to the Killer, or could be given without changing the Killer due to balance needs?

    The addition to Doctor was great, have you seen Mr. Envy's work for fan made chase music?

  • FoggyDownpourFoggyDownpour Member Posts: 289

    Now that the rift has closed, do you have any data about how people did that you're willing to share? For example, the least completed challenge or the average percentage of the rift that players completed by the end, both killer and survivor side. Were people that bought the rift pass more likely to complete more of the challenges?

  • YucchiYucchi Member Posts: 250

    We know that generator times are too fast for killers and too boring for survivor to bring the time up. Are you testing any secondary objectives/ necessary additions to give more time for killers?

  • USELESSUSELESS Member Posts: 1,151

    Could you create a new add-on for the doctor for charge faster his blast?

  • tony42545tony42545 Member Posts: 75

    so in the response of the ruin changes are you going to make killers stronger in chase so they can keep up with the speed of gens?

  • sneakymegheadsneakymeghead Member Posts: 32

    Do you plan to reduce the size of largest maps ? This would definitely help after the hex: ruin rework.

  • BEHIND_YOUBEHIND_YOU Member Posts: 1

    Are you folks aware that the nurses ability dose not work with most structures in the new map?

  • LivUndeadLivUndead Member Posts: 69

    How do you plan on following up on the Ruin nerf?

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 10,708

    Since Gatekeeper was adjusted, are there any further plans to update the Emblem system? In my opinion, it is very easy to pip as Survivor and difficult to pip with many Killers. This causes a large skill gap at Red Ranks.

  • Hero_awesomeHero_awesome Member Posts: 261

    I really love playing killer but sometimes it's stressful and gen's pop way to fast. Without ruin to slow the game down are there anymore idea's to slow gen times or include more gen slowing perks like ruin?

  • Liam282Liam282 Member Posts: 109

    Since your making the game easier for survivors, will you be doing anything to make the experience for killer at least more enjoyable?

  • FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 117

    With Hex: Ruin being reworked, a lot of Killer players are finding the game far more increasingly stressful. Are you thinking of any plans to slow down the game in some way like a second objective anytime soon?

  • MrjuiceMrjuice Member Posts: 94

    Are you guys considering to change the hex mechanics because the hex totems arent so powerful but easy to to break?

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,699
    edited January 2020

    What changes are you going to make to the Doctor's game-play mechanics for the live release, and how will they be different from the PTB version?

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