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Kate Denson ...

– are the Devs proud of her?

Hello all of you people of the fog!

I am a member for quite some time on this forum and read some discussions now and then and I must say I am a huge fan of the community and enjoy a lot of your thoughts on everything that is happening around DbD! That quick shoutout at first.

I thought of opening a new thread around Kate Denson. I main her since I joined and I know a lot of you guys also do. Also I wanted to point out her potential. She is the free songbird with all the hope, this "Nightmare" will all work out somehow and Behaviour made a powerful and great job of integrating her spirit into the Game. But:


Everytime I see some promotion-stuff, Q&A's, Posters, whatever - I never see her. It is mostly around Claudette, Dwighty, Meg, Nea and the others. I get she is a character that you buy through the store but I think she is one of the most interesting ones. Why is she not used more in promotional artworks?

I just feel she deserves far more attention. And I have the feeling that her newest cosmetics don't quite capture her pure spirit that much. The new Biker Outfit is hella amazing. And I am happy she gets her Cowboy-Hat for the chapter. But what about more stuff involving her? I would love a cute summer dress that captures the purity and for everyone's sake PLEASE fix that little ponytail. ✌️

I know she is not as much played as Nea, Dwight, Feng and all the others maybe. But she deserves better. Really, I think she does. And Behaviour should be proud of all their survivors.

What do you guys think? Am I overreacting much? 😂



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