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Survivor Is Too Easy

NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632
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I barely even interacted with the Killer. I am good enough at the game to mostly get great skill checks on generators, but this match didn't have Hex: Ruin regardless. The match was not even 5 minutes long. I worked on most of the generator's, focused only on generators and had no perks, or items to increase generator speed. I got chased by the killer once, where I used getting hit once (I purposely got hit) for a speed boost to bait the killer into the other survivors, then returned to the generator I was working on previous. I am moderately good at looping, but for statistic's sake I wanted to ignore the boldness category as much as possible.

I've ignored all other point categories until I got Objectives to half and then focused only on unhooking, and healing my allies (I had a med kit).

We won, 3 survived, and the match only lasted 5 minutes. The Killer most likely de-pip'd as she didn't even get 20k points. (Spirit).

This is the problem everyone is talking about, I may have deserved a pip, but I don't think I in any way deserved a 2 pip, not only was I playing selfishly, but I could just ignore two entire categories. I could ignore Boldness, as failing in one category does not result in losing a double pip, and I could ignore Survival as only surviving (bonus points for being the obsession) the trial will result in passing survival, and with Hatch if you are playing selfishly you are guarentee'd to escape if you let your team die when it's 2 gen's or less.

On the killer side this is not the same. On the killer side, they had a short game, got barely any points, and even though they did all of their goals correctly the match simply was not long enough to get more than 1 sacrifice that she had to camp for, and still de pip'd when I would of at least given her a black pip or single pip.

I am a killer main, I know what it's like to play Killer and how stressful it is. If had died as survivor this match I would of still pip'd and that's probably the part that annoys me the most, because as Killer you don't get that much leg room, and it feels bad to not only get told by the game you're not doing well even when you do all you can right, but then the harassment you get in the post game chat from entitled survivors who don't understand both sides.



  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    I didn't even notice the giant 9 in the screen. Regardless still shouldn't be this easy for a rank 9 - 1 rank from Purple. Like the biggest part of what the players want is the game to be as stress free as Survivor's have it, but it seems like the Dev's just don't understand that the Killers have the most stressful time playing. I was hoping the discussion would bring some light to that subject.

  • bgbombbgbomb Member Posts: 434

    I agree wkth you.

    But one game post can't prove anything .

    Especially when you hide your rank.

    But yes.

    Survivor right now is too easy to play.

    You can even play with you feet and still win.

  • a_good_playera_good_player Member Posts: 194

    Rank 9 btw

  • Infinity_BoredInfinity_Bored Member Posts: 445


  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 3,772

    Thats obvious, if you are alone and all of the responsibility goes to you alone, you will get stressed. If you have 3 other teammates that could ######### up for you, you are having less stress. Thats just natural. Best example why world of warcraft has ALOT more pve players than pvp.

    Pvp 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 10,10, you have ALOT more responsibility to your own. So if you ######### up, you will die with your teammates.

    Pve 20 player raid grps. You can even go afk while beeing in a boss fight and noone will notice... while you will eventually kill the boss and get loot.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    Does it matter? I de-rank to help my friend learn the game (Nancy), and we end up against red rank killers anyways even at Rank 9.

  • nick_larkingnick_larking Member Posts: 31

    You log in you pip*, thats the state of survivor right now.

    *exception: hooked and camped instantly for rest of the game.

  • EZ5kEZ5k Member Posts: 233

    This. I"ve been ######### about on survivor doing archive stuff to stuff points onto clown for PGTW, and despite ACTIVELY trying to avoid doing the main objective, I pipped nearly every game because the requirements are so braindead and lax

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    If it makes you guys feel better, soon after that match last night me and Nancy spent nearly a whole match teabagging on the table in Mother's Dwelling as go go dancers. The killer didn't give us Mercy, but even after then attempting to follow him into the basement, and thinking by poking his face was how you escape the trial. Clearly I played well, and deserved a pip

    Because even if you fail to complete the category "Objectives", you still complete your objective enough to pip.

    But please tell me again how this role is stressful?

  • Wubsyy__Wubsyy__ Member Posts: 116

    How is it too easy yet you're only rank 9? Your point is correct, I'm just curious. Are you one of those DC babies or smth?

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320
  • JesyaJesya Member Posts: 1,092

    I think it's too easy. I hit rank 3 last season just trying to work on some achievements and memeing with garbo perks to not rank up so fast and I still pipped every game.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    Killer will always be more stressful. You’re dealing with the burden yourself as killer, as survivor the workload (should be) shared across 4 people.

    I find killer easier than solo survivor. I win most games as killer or at the very least manage to get 2 kills. As solo survivor I seem to not escape in the vast majority of games. If I play 2 man swf then my odds of escaping rise from about 10% to 50%.

    I find solo survivor more stressful than killer because I’m constantly getting put with less experienced players and I find that I have to do most of the work and carry the team. This new rank reset and matchmaking bug has everything messed up. Used to be at red ranks you were guaranteed solid players on your team but not anymore.

    Generally now my team go down every 5 seconds so I have to run the killer long enough to buy them time to do the gens and then the killer gets me down at the end with the speed boost from NOED and I get left to die on 1st hook. Its happening so frequently. I get its not all about escaping but I’d just like a chance at escaping after doing all the damn work and still have 10-15k more points after dying than everyone else despite the fact that they all got a bonus 5k for escaping.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632
    edited January 2020

    I deranked from Red to help my friend play when she started, though at rank 9 I don't see why I should be double piping when i'm directly ignoring objective's and core game play. I probably should of expected entitled players to find the smallest reason to ignore literal evidence infront of them (because you face red ranks in rank 9 all the way to red). Though I don't want to go back to red ranks, but I can do this exact same thing there too, and if you were ever in red ranks then you wouldn't even be questioning it. So I don't know why i'm explaining it to you.

  • horsegod386horsegod386 Member Posts: 91

    Honestly I feel like both survivor and killer have their own things that make them difficult, while survivor is easier than killer generally, the average survivor is miles worse than the average killer. Because of the reasons you listed, if you're a survivor you wont lost rank as long as you

    1. Unhook and heal the survivor you unhooked
    2. complete one(1) Gen

    and that's it, that's all you need to do to maintain your rank as survivor while with killer you need to

    1. hook every survivor multiple times
    2. let a max of one(1) survivor escape
    3. not get gen rushed

    and heaps of other stuff so killer forces you to always be adapting and better your playstyle while survivor simply lets you coast.

  • asergioamasergioam Member Posts: 362

    What survivor rank are you describing? 20?

    Although I agree that survivor is a lot easier than killer, let's not exagerate! If the killer is really bad you can unhook 1 survivor, do several gens, get chassed for a bit, escape and still depip! It works both ways, if the killer is bad, you most likely will derank, if a survivor dc's, it improves the chances of depiping... Even an unsafe hook rescue can get you half way to a depiping guarantee!

    In my opinion, although many people won't agree with me for obvious reasons (specially because of matchmaking flaws and ranking system flaws), the survivors ranking up or down or safe pipping, should be more inter-connected between the overall team effort. There should at least be one emblem for team play! Yes, SWF would be even more unfair but at least we probably wouldn't see so many atrocities some team mates do because they just don't care!

  • xChrisxxChrisx Member Posts: 917

    Is easy yes, but in swf, in solo Is a nightmare. Have to deal with randoms Is something that makes me mad

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    It's absolutely true though. I rank up survivor easily when I follow my ranking method - Just get Obj to half, and then max chase/altruism - At. All. Costs.

    Doesn't matter if I unsafe hook, an unhook is still altruism points. (I tend to take BT in Purple and Red Ranks, but until then I run DS because you can't rely on your team to be altruistic at all in the lower ranks).

    Didn't max one of my categories? 2 Gens left? Guess i'm ignoring gens, finding the hatch, and then will work on gens for as many points as possible, and if the killer ever comes - bait/loop that sucker into my team and take the hatch when they are all dead.

    It's always at least 2-4 categories maxed, so it's more often at least a pip, and zero chance at a de-pip.

    Absolutely selfish playing, absolutely ruins the fun for the other survivors, but by the games standards I have effectively "won".

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 4,260
    edited January 2020

    To be fair you had and iri emblem in 3 places. This alone says you didn't ignore objectives.

    A killer at that rank would also double pip with the same.

    At red ranks this could be a pip but not a double. The simple reason is the emblems are there to encourage you to do a bit of everything but its not needed to pip so other playstyles such as stealth can and do work.

    The system has to be designed so everyone has a chance to pip otherwise you will be fighting with others instead of having a common goal. That itself would be terrible game design.

    If you remember it used to be harder but the issue is that it caused an imbalance of survivors to killer. The current queue times are due to swf matchmaking and compounded with the reset mechanic change.

    So it's not about it being too easy its about more players being matched within red ranks who aren't in them.

    It only needs 1.2k swf players where one is in red and the others are above 10 to affect the queue times of 900 true red rank players.

    Making piping harder now then won't help atm as the players are already in red ranks and unless they purposefully derank they will stay where they are. This seems to be why the reset was changed as it naturally bring both sets of players into a smaller match making bracket.

    The only other way to really do it then would be to reset everyone to rank 20 after changing the requirements completely for both sides but that may only work so much as the more players who invite low rank friends the more the issue starts to happen again.

    This is why it takes so long to find a queue in brown and some yellow ranks for killer.

    Its probably why they posed the question regarding matchmaking on discord asking about the idea of removing ranks from matchmaking and making it one large pool of players.

    I personally don't think rank should be tied to the match making system and I've said before i feel it should be a monthly goal with a reward to hit the red area with a proper mmr system put in place to match those of equal skill. That system can more easily widen imo as it only need 4 or 5 brackets.

    As for killer being more stressful that is natural as you have no down time in that role while a survivor knowing another is in a chase feels safe from harm in that time frame. Survivor chases are shared over 4 players while killer you are in every chase.

    The stress then is nothing to do with pipping and all to do with interactions with the other side which killer obviously has 4 times as many. This is evident as killing all four quickly isnt a stressful game at all its just frustrating after the match when you see that you didnt pip due to it.

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  • asergioamasergioam Member Posts: 362

    Unsafe hooks counts has negative altruism points, you actually loose points if you do an unsafe hook rescue!

    If a survivor is hooked you loose 10 points in the altruism category and you loose even more if you performe an unsafe hook rescue!

  • TommyFredoTommyFredo Member Posts: 48

    Survivor is easy, but especially with a bad or mediocre killer. Green ranks you should be guaranteed to pip or double pip. Once you play Red Rank killers the games get longer, they run better perks, better builds and have a better sense of game IQ. The game has always been survivor sided, but the case is different for everybody that plays the game. If you know the maps, if you run a good build, and if you have good awareness on the killer, it should be easy. But it also depends on the killer. I know spirits that would never ever let 3 escape in 5 minutes. I mean never. Just because they're good at the game and know what to do in many situations. I've had many games where i double pip'd and was genuinely upset about the competition. But o'boy does that change. Every game has different variables, pallet spawns, loop spawns, killer perks etc. It's easy maybe 2/10 games until you get to red ranks. Then i'd say its easy every 20/100 games. Just keep playing and you'll see.

  • Wubsyy__Wubsyy__ Member Posts: 116

    This guy got so mad because I said he wasn't in red ranks. I literally said he was right and he still got pissy. How insecure does one need to be? He also tried saying he shouldn't explain to me because I'm not in red ranks or smth, but I'm rank 2 surv LOL

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    Because when someone makes a post about this clear issue, people will nit pick at the smallest details to try and disprove it with some kind of negative mind game.

    But sure just try to insult me further, I'll have to ask you to stop as we are trying to actually have a discussion here.

  • Rizzo90Rizzo90 Member, Administrator, Mod Posts: 12,079

    Please keep the discussion civil and respectful, thank you.

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,236

    Solo sucks, but I still get to rank one without really trying. And the only perk I use that actually helps in chase is spine chill.

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