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Do you think the game is survivor sided or no?

snowflake102snowflake102 Member Posts: 1,741

is it survivor sided yes or no?

Do you think the game is survivor sided or no? 110 votes

yes its survivor sided:(
WeederickaGoodOldRubMc_HartyThatbrownmonsterGibberishAdelooRockatanskyrenzoAcromioTheButcher12BlueberryBlade92NescauMiriamGRWoodrowTapeKnotSN1P3R5G3TH3ADRieStingyJackMicheal_MyersTheGameZpro3 76 votes
no its not survivor sided:)
PuggyMohawkBossrhadragobvJoelux1SleepyWillodanielbird11Evil_oneInnCognitoKeo2018DexyIVme7lingualkandalphAven_Fallenad19970snowflake102then4321cricketscornerPigsterTaiga 34 votes


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