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What is your favorite killer to face?



  • MarknessMarkness Member Posts: 242

    Fun to play against:

    1. Bubba (usually because they play in a very predictable way which is fun to punish and fun to drop pallets on him when you know what he is going to do if he catches you).
    2. Hag (a lot of them are only playing her as a daily, and normally aren't very good with her/miss a ton of swings and it makes me chuckle IRL).
    3. Clown (a lot of them are memers for whatever reason).

    Unfun to play against:

    1. Huntress (her hatchets hitboxes allow her to get a ton of BS hits and since she is slow she doesn't seem to go far from the hook and attracts people that play in a very "sweaty" way).
    2. Trapper (attracts people that seem to catch someone finally and not go too far from the hook ever and just chase the same person over and over again).
    3. Legion (broken killer.. annoying to be constantly injured the whole effing match and have them constantly do that to you on top of running thana+sloppy.. super unfun to play against).

    Honorable mention:

    1. Plague (just find it is unfun to play against her because you get chewed out for cleansing.. lol).
  • ScytereScytere Member Posts: 123

    Hag. Love the jump scares.

  • Ghost_Face_MainGhost_Face_Main Member Posts: 588

    The Shape and Ghost Face: they are the two killers that bring a great scare factor into the game with how quiet they can be.

    The Demogorgon and The Oni because they're aesthetically very intimidating.

  • beenzbeenz Member Posts: 10


    when he does that demon dash it makes your heart beat outta your chest and makes your butthole clench (sorry for weird word usage.but I ain’t wrong tho)

  • PyroDudePyroDude Member Posts: 443

    I like to play against pig

    Her rbts give you something to do other than gens and I thats pretty cool

  • screeeeeeaaaaamscreeeeeeaaaaam Member Posts: 4

    Billy and Bubba. hearing a chainsaw from across the map, and then hearing it suddenly VERY CLOSE is a surefire way to get me shitting my pants in a most entertaining way

  • KrystressKrystress Member Posts: 52

    Oni. Before him... The Pig.

  • The_SniperThe_Sniper Member Posts: 76

    Demogorgon is pretty fun to go against. His theme, those screams, and that lunge. He's easily one of the most coolest and different looking Killers. Best atmosphere too, legitimately makes me feel that powerful, feral presence with the stomps and screams. I don't think any other DLC character feels like they came straight from their property.

  • AcculllaAccullla Member Posts: 984

    Billy. I love being chased by a competent Hillbilly who knows how to use his chainsaw

  • AdelooAdeloo Member Posts: 1,393

    Definitly Nurse then Demogorgon and Oni.

  • sneakymegheadsneakymeghead Member Posts: 32

    Mrs Piggy, so I can try booping her snoot and stun her for a cute sound

  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968
    edited January 2020

    Idk probably Hag and Billy.

  • Helevetin_nopeeHelevetin_nopee Member Posts: 408

    A lot of killers. Leatherface, Gorgon, Huntress, Billy sometimes... Doctor

  • VaJayblesVaJaybles Member Posts: 453

    I haven't laughed so hard in a minute... Thank you for that XD

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,172

    Even though I know they are not the best killer I still find Myers to be my favorite match up.

    I really enjoy not knowing who it is by a terror radius making you a little jittery at the start of a match.

    I really enjoy hearing that first EW tier 2 music pop and the instant "oh ######### is it me!?".

    I LOVE the constant fear during a chase that at any moment that EW tier 3 might pop.

    To me I think Myers is the only killer that I get a true horror feeling from. I enjoy the thrills and chills he gives me from start to finish. Ghost face is a close second for a lot of the same reasons I just find the "LOS" noise that plays when you break him out of stealth sort of ruins the immersion for me.

  • DocFabronDocFabron Member Posts: 2,387
    edited January 2020

    Billy, Oni, Piggywiggy, Ghostface, Spireh, Doc, and Demo are my FAVORITES to face.

    I don't much care for Plague and Legion because they run the exact same forever build every time.

    And i ######### HATE Trapper.

  • honestlybaffledhonestlybaffled Member Posts: 175

    Nurse, the chases agaisn't her are the most different from every other killer.

    Second is billy, because that mofo is LETHAL and third is plague, because they're 99% bad and its just funny to see them struggling.

  • TicTokCringeTicTokCringe Member Posts: 39

    Um I would have to say clown for me. If I go against a good clown we both always outplay each other throughout the match.

  • feechimafeechima Member Posts: 680

    I like going against Pigs, Wraiths, Myers, and Onis.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,530
    edited January 2020

    Clown because I love him and he's my main. Also like to face Oni and Demogorgon with their cool sounds and they are both a quite unique.

  • Dwight_ConfusionDwight_Confusion Member Posts: 1,650
  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,618

    Huntress because she's sorta different from many others, and she can keep you guessing a bit.

    Good Billy players too, as they usually mindgame a lot. Which I enjoy to do and go against alike.

  • MarknessMarkness Member Posts: 242

    Same goes to you. I am guessing you love hook camping and my comment triggered you? I love playing against campers when I am running kindred and they can only get one sacrifice.

    "I only care about muh kills". -Dude complaining about ruin nerf because he never leaves the hook

  • lasombra1979lasombra1979 Member Posts: 1,142

    I would have to say Michael. He still has the best jump scare of all the killers. Hag is a close second.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,066

    Michael Myers all the way.

  • ZenroZenro Member Posts: 319

    Spirit. I love all the mind games and being rewarded great distance for out mind gaming her. Second would probably be Michael. Just him staring at you or if you get caught in the open is super punishing. Terrifying. Third is Hag. A good hag can always keep you on your toes and jump scare the hell out of you!

  • MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 774

    Ghost Face because they usually react to my username and be playful. We have a good time, I usually make them hook me in the end.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,801

    Myers and Demogorgon

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,801

    Do you play on PS4? I think I’ve seen somebody with your name before.

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