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If you play both Survivor and Killer, are you happy or upset about the Ruin change overall?



  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,948

    I don't mind it, I have never used RUIN or NOED, long live basement build Trapper and GF. No camping, no tunneling BTW.

    Trapper snowball: Use your addons to darken traps, place one trap on each exit gate lever, place trap on one entrance of shack with basement, another one on window, grab another trap but don't place it, go down someone, bring him to basement with Iron Grasp and Agitation, leave basement, placetrap where the pallet is, watch them all fall to their doom.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    That’s what worries me, making the game playabl and fun for new players is great... but it greatly impacts things in red ranks and especially for that top players. I’m not one of those top players but they are just as important to this game as anyone else, maybe more so because if all streamer games turn into five minute long matches with 4 escapes it will be super boring

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 1,291

    Mostly upset. It took away the only skilled thing about survivor while making killer games more stresssful. I'd rather hang around the green and purple ranks as killer, and not play survivor since there is no longer anything challenging in my eyes

  • avilmaskavilmask Member Posts: 600

    When played survivor, I liked games with ruin more. Because when we had no ruin in the game, it rarely ended "fairly", it's always one side completely murders another. Ruin felt like that one side objective the game was missing, felt like a real obstacle worth pursuing and not just bonus BP.

    As a killer I'm that 80% guy, because I like that perk as a survivor, sue me. It gave me an option to be goofy as a killer and I never been upset by hex getting ruined early (well, except first 15 seconds case) because for me ruin was a perk that makes survivors sidetrack and expose themselves, and getting punished if they're too stubborn to get off the gen (or maybe they're just THAT good). Survs got rewarded for leaving their main objective, how could I complain?

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,569

    I can only speak for myself as a rank 1 killer and rank 4 survivor. I don't play with Ruin on killers and I rarely get less than a 2 or 3K. But I also have 1300 hours. There was definitely a time when I thought Ruin was mandatory at red ranks, so I anticipate a lot of killers struggling at first.

  • luka2211luka2211 Member Posts: 1,433

    I changed my opinion honestly. If they never actually nerfed the band aid fix to gen speeds,they would never be able to tell how bad of a genrush can happen. All that means,is that now they will be able to tell whether or not gens should get nerfed in some way

  • luka2211luka2211 Member Posts: 1,433

    Do you really want to have to waste 1 perk slot to have the game be playable? Devs are doing it to be able to see the real gen speed and whether or not gens should get nerfed in some way,which is what killers want, don't you want it too?

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 4,282

    As killer I only ever used it now and again on Hag so I won't miss it. Most of my builds are about chases not slow down.

    As survivor I'm kind of in limbo. While I didn't like Ruin I dont think this ia the correct change. I see an issue of players not wanting to save until the gen is finished. My fear is more players going into struggle on their first hooking in solo queues. Saves are viable if close by but if you arw on a gen far away you can lose most of your progress.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    Spot on, I prefer to not run it. I probably ran it half the time but I could tell the difference in how fast I was “learning,” to apply pressure. I think no Ruin does make you a better killer, teaches you a sense of urgency in chases.

    That being said I do hope the nerf gives them numbers to justify a change to gen speed or something else like a new objective entirely to make the games a but longer.

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320

    Yes I'm Happy!!

  • Maníaco_da_garrafaManíaco_da_garrafa Member Posts: 144

    I only used Ruin consistently against toolbox stacking and with clown/huntress, but i'm already trading ruin for Corrupt on these killers.

    I hope BHVR do something about toolboxes, but at the end of the day, the only thing that upsets me in this shitshow is the following sentence: "It's less useful in the early game, but very useful in the lategame".

  • ArrowTheGreat11ArrowTheGreat11 Member Posts: 306

    I’m a survivor main and even I know Ruin is basically useless now lol. What makes it bad is that it’s still a Hex, but other than that it’s fine. Killers have many other perks they can use like Surveillance, Corrupt Intervention, Discordance, etc in order to prevent gens being done. Relying solely on Ruin does not make you a good player

  • luka2211luka2211 Member Posts: 1,433

    Completely agreed,i stopped using ruin some time ago,and you defo feel the difference and you make less mistakes and become better at the game

  • TinyEyedTimTinyEyedTim Member Posts: 4
    edited January 2020

    I am sure if I played with the same people and a certain Team all the time I would feel differently, but because I random Que and I feel like a lot of new people random Que....this is a good change i think .

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  • monstermaster42monstermaster42 Member Posts: 81

    I think its a great change, i may actually use ruin now, since i love to apply pressure and terrorize survivors

  • I'm a bit upset because while I think ruin changes themselves are good, the overall gen speeds are still an issue. Honestly, the fact that gen speed reducing perks are an absolute must kinda shows an issue. Though, I imagine if they made it so toolboxes didn't affect repair speed, then while they would still be done fast it wouldn't be nearly as bad.

    I just think not addressing both concerns together was a mistake.

  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 3,043

    I think it came at a bad time. Matchmaking is messed up with red ranks being put with green ranks and most maps are heavily unbalanced. I get that they're gathering data for some potential change but killers are gonna be going through a rough time after this patch and any change BHVR will implement will likely take a couple on months to release.

  • Eye66Eye66 Member Posts: 808

    Adam Sandler CAN be good, Uncut Gems is kicking maximum butt right now

  • EZ5kEZ5k Member Posts: 233

    So can this game, but like a majority of his roster, it's been utter garbage. That said, I do actually look forward to seeing Uncut Gems just to see him in a serious role

  • Eye66Eye66 Member Posts: 808

    "There's no problem lol" is what panderers to that LCD say

  • KingHEADBUSTERKingHEADBUSTER Member Posts: 75

    Occasionally I play thrill of the hunt, ruin, devour hope, and noed. This is worthless now bc ruin doesn't slow the game down. It was fun while it lasted.

  • CotJockyCotJocky Member Posts: 203

    As a survivor, I'm sick of seeing ruin most every game, and if there is no ruin and the killer is not really, really good or brand new, there is probably Devour Hope. I can suffer through ruin, but find most people won't and if I don't find the ruin, they might not and no gens will get done. Me being the only one pushing through it is of no benefit to me. Being a gen jockey and then dying because I was only the one doing generators does not make for a fun game or many points. I seach for the totem until it is found so that the game can resume and maybe I can earn some points.

    I do play killer and ruin can be a great benefit or downed in 15 seconds. It's definitely "high risk, high reward".

    Some of the achievements are going to be harder because of ruin changing. There is not real perk other than corrupt intervention to try and help the initial gameplay down and it is a poor substitute for ruin. I have not gotten "Evil Incarnate" yet and it will be much harder to stalk people to get to tier 3 before they can pop all 5 gens off. It and a few more achievements have just gotten drastically harder because it will be a gen free for all.

    So yes, I'm glad ruin is gone, but ruin should not be a crutch that is needed. Ruin was a small secondary objective. The game needs a non perk or non add-on related secondary objective for the survivors other than doing gens. Nothing crazy. Maybe some "parts" stations like the Plague's water fountains. Survivors have to go to one of the "parts stations" and get some parts. You can get enough parts in one stop to do one gen. You have to visit another before you go to another gen. Something like that. Something that adds another objective, but isn't so annoying or luck based like Ruin. Add some kind of point incentive to it for survivors. I agree with a lot of survivor mains. They nerfed ruin without fixing the reason most all killers run ruin. Killer que's are horrible in the early day because you have more solo survivors playing and people are willing to take a chance on having a decent game as killer. Survivor que's are horrible after school lets out because everyone is home from work or school playing in a SWF. No one wants to play killer against that.

    I mostly play survivor. Take that for what it's worth.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,815

    I play more survivor than killer but I'm very angry about Ruin change. Survivors should learn the game instead of wanting the easy way out all the time. If you can't hit skill checks practice. People are just lazy and want quick games, not fun games. Typical of todays gamers.

  • HunkuleseHunkulese Member Posts: 95

    The ruin changes are great for both sides. It was a boring perk that people use as a crutch to slow down the game unnecessarily.

  • EmpireWinnerEmpireWinner Member Posts: 1,054


  • LittlefabioLittlefabio Member Posts: 137

    I play both. More survivor though. I Think the change to ruin is dumb. Stop being a lazy and work though it. Pretty simple. I also don't use it on my killer so really the change is meh for me as a killer. As survivor the game got uber easy gg devs.

  • illusionillusion Member Posts: 871

    I started out as a survivor main, but then started playing killer, as well.

    I greatly dislike the change. Not because of the change, itself, but because of the fact that it was so poorly thought out. It's a bandaid fix, that doesn't address the real problem. so it comes across as a severely one sided fix. The frequency of using ruin was a symptom, not the actual problem. Most killers would love to not have to use Ruin, because it is so unreliable.

    The new changes to Ruin would be fine if it didn't remain as a hex perk, or if they fixed the real issue which forced so many killers to use Ruin in the first place. The idea that the new Ruin would be too overpowered if it weren't a hex is ridiculous, and clearly shown on the test server that it does not have the late game impact that the devs have been claiming, when it actually manages to last until late game, which is extremely rare. On top of that it prevents other generator related killer perks from working, which makes an even bigger nerf that it first seems.

    As a survivor, I am not a fan of Ruin skill checks. I would be happy to see them go, if it didn't so negatively impact killers. I have said this before but, I couldn't hit a great skill check to save my life, but I can still power through Ruin on good skill checks alone. You get enough periods of no skill checks that it works out fine, it just take a little longer. Toolboxes, alone, almost make current Ruin a non-issue, and once the totem is gone it becomes a speed run. With the new Ruin, toolboxes will completely negate the effects of Ruin, even if the totem stays up for the whole game, which it won't.

    Regression is not enough of a factor, especially since a gen regresses far slower than it can be repaired. Plus, un-worked on gens can't regress, so working on one or two gens at a time will completely negate the effects of the new Ruin, as will gen tapping and/or tag teaming the gens. The killer chases away one survivor only to have another take their place on the gen. And you can safely bet that every swf group will be doing that.

    Some people have been calling Ruin a crutch, as if that's a bad thing. Crutches are used when you have a broken limb. It is a symptom of the problem. When the leg is healed, people stop using crutches. Here we have a situation where the leg hasn't been healed and people, including the devs, are mocking people for using the crutch. Fix the leg and people would be more than happy to get rid of the crutch.

    Unfortunately, the way the devs have responded to this situation has made me lose faith in them actually fixing the game. They keep using bandaids to treat symptoms rather than treating the underlying cause. They have even made a toxic environment even worse by taking sides rather than mediating.

    Several of the survivor perks were also nerfed as a bandaid fix to an underlying problem. The devs need to stop with the bandaids and fix the real problems, but so far they are not even acknowledging that they understand the real issues. That does not bode well for the future of the game.

  • AlmoAlmo Member, Dev Posts: 1,120
    edited January 2020

    In "Player Mode" for this post.

    I play both, but I prefer Killer. I'm very much looking forward to new Ruin. I find it much more engaging as Killer because I have to be active to get use from it. As Survivor, I like having some control over whether it will affect me or not by deciding to stay on the gen or not at certain points in the gameplay.

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,847

    I haven't actually played with it yet so I'm holding back some judgement until then. My initial thoughts are that the perk itself will be decent, but there is a hole in the killer's tool belt that needs to be filled. I genuinely hope that a counter-snowball mechanic is introduced for both killer and survivor in the near future. It's long past due. Without ruin this will become more apparent. But take all that with a grain of salt. Maybe new ruin will exceed my expectations and be really good early game.

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