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Can trapper be able to carry 2 traps by default?

WeckWeck Member Posts: 3,352

Trapper will eventually get an update or maybe a rework. But that will take awhile.

In the mean time, can trapper be able to carry 2 traps by default?

I'm not asking for him to start with 2 traps, just to be able to carry them.

This should be a simple change in the code (I assume it's changing a 1 to a 2 somewhere) and would make it so trapper doesn't need to always use a bag addon. Because he feels naked without one. And would allow more variety in his addons without having to carry 1 trap at a time.

The addons won't need to change either, they can stay exactly how they are.

This is a small buff to trapper, but it would really help him a lot.

Is it possible we could just slap this change into the 3.5.0 update? @Peanits @not_Queen ?


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