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For the love of God can this issue be resolved already. I made a post about this issue back in June of 2019 (even though it existed since before then)... & it's January 2020! As a killer, there have been countless times where I go to grab a survivor (off a gen, from a locker, from unhooking, through a window, etc.) & the animation for a grab begins but does not finish. It is an issue that has only become worse over the past few months with the introduction of dedicated servers. And now I'm starting to notice survivors taking advantage of it.

Nearly 50% of the grabs I go for anymore actually end up being successful. The rest I get robbed of because the grab animation either suddenly switches to a hit or it just freezes for a few seconds allowing the survivor to make a play to gain some distance. Some survivors have also been abusing this mechanic against killers, specifically survivors that get chased around generators. What some survivors do when they know they are about to be hit/downed while next to a generator is they tap the gen just before you hit to make the killer initiate a grab. The result of them just tapping the gen usually cancels the grab animation & causes the killer to either miss or be stuck for a few seconds as the animation is frozen.

This is not the only issue in this game that plagues the killer experience currently, as sounds for the killer are also horrendous & all over the place. I'm getting fed up with being robbed of grabs that either cost me a kill or even shifts the tide of the game. If a killer begins a grab animation, there should not be a single reason it cancels at all. I'm pretty sure the issue is due to latency, but even then the killer's grab should trump a survivor letting go at the very last second if this is how bad the issue has become. Or if it decides to cancel, fix the issue that causes it to freeze for a few seconds making you miss an attack when it decides to unfreeze. When I play killer I find this annoying to play against, so fix it already.


  • AssassinZodiacAssassinZodiac Member Posts: 259

    Also, the grab survivors rift challenges had me furious. Impossible to complete with grabbing animations current state. I finally got the two grabs when a survivor felt sorry for me and let me grab them twice off a totem. I was playing as scratched mirror myers on Lery's. Should have been easy to complete. I went for 5 grabs with survivors on gens, only to have animation cancel after it started.

  • paint1210paint1210 Member Posts: 95

    BE : ok

    Next patch note:

    Fix the issue that killer can grab survivor

  • T4ank3dT4ank3d Member Posts: 32

    Must say being robbed of a would be grab is frustrating. Mainly because I am not good at positioning for grabs in general.

    In response for your desire for a fix. If you want something, only ask yourself this one question . . .

    "Will doing x make the company money?"

    If no, then don't hold your breath.

    Your game play issues are not even in the conversation back at the office.

    Sure a small group of people try to fix the plentiful amount of bugs plaguing this game, but only after they finish that cosmetic or dlc content.

    Even then they only have so long before they need to create something else that can be bought.

  • PumpkinKingPumpkinKing Member Posts: 122

    This. 100%. So many times I grab a survivor off a vault or Gen and the animation cancels and they run away and I'm standing there confused. So ridiculous.

  • DocFabronDocFabron Member Posts: 2,408
    edited January 2020

    It's not a bug, your killer just became a pacifist.

  • BiggsBiggs Member Posts: 286

    You just got dedicated.. Its killer thing so its not a priority for devs sadly.. I suggest go play civilisation or play survivor .. Thats what devs want.. Oh and don't forget to buy some cosmetics first thats important. 😕😣 thats why i left the game honestly

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