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A CHALLENGE to Anyone Complaining about Billy

MysterTalMysterTal Member Posts: 137
edited January 19 in General Discussions

(EDIT: amended a few requirements to make the challenge more approachable)

Record and post at least 10 matches on YouTube.

The rules are simple:

  • The gameplay must be your own. You cannot use anyone else's. It must be you playing.
  • You must play as the Hillbilly. You cannot play any other Killer and you cannot play Survivor.
  • You cannot use Addons of any kind.
  • You cannot use Offerings of any kind.
  • You cannot use any Perks.
  • You must attempt to use the chainsaw to down Survivors whenever possible and you must always try to use the chainsaw first.
  • You must kill all four Survivors every match.
  • You cannot disconnect from a match, regardless of map or if you're losing.

The purpose of this experiment is simple: you will test, for yourself, whether or not Billy is "broken", "unbalanced" or "unfair" by relying solely on Billy's Power.

If Billy's Power is truly broken, then you should be able to easily 4k every single match regardless of map, whether or not you're up against adept Survivors or any other factor besides the Power alone.

Looking forward to seeing the results.

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  • deeziebabydeeziebaby Member Posts: 7

    I got a 4k in literally 2 minutes and I don't even play him like that 😭😂 he deff is broken needs to have a cool down on that good ole chainsaw running..

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 1,788
    edited January 19

    It's impossible to kill all 4 survivors using only your power on pretty much any killer that can one hit down(except Myers). There's a very simple reason to this. If a survivor KNOWS you're only using your power, which isn't hard to guess, then they will know how to abuse that fact. Killers are not balanced around only their powers. You're basically telling people to use less than 25% of a killer, since you're also taking addons out of the equation. A Killer is comprised of Perks, Addons, Power, Basic Attacks/grabs. You're taking out 3 of those(4 if you count grabs in with basic attacks). You could run into a survivor who jumped in a locker and never left and you'd be stuck. You're asking people to play in an inefficient manner and setting unrealistic goals. Keep in mind, I've said nothing about Billy. I just think you're using an absurd standard when it comes to balance.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 1,788

    I see one post about Billy needing nerfs, and in that post they mention nothing about only using his power.

  • MysterTalMysterTal Member Posts: 137

    Also, this is exactly the opposite of asking anyone to play Nurse wihtout Blinking - this is asking you to play by ONLY Blinking. Basically, by spamming the Power.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 981

    Not nececarly saying you're wrong. Just that you went overboard with the challenge

    If anything that you have to put that many restraints before you can say Billy's power isn't broken kinda does the oppesite of what you want to show

    Most people wouldn't be able to do 50 4k matches without m1's alone. All the other restraints were kinda unnecacery

    Again not nececarly saying Billy is broken or anything. Just saying that putting that many restraints just makes it show that your not very certain of your case

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 1,788
    edited January 19

    It is unreasonable, because Billy cannot chainsaw certain things. A survivor could hide in a locker all game. How would you kill them with your power without being able to pull them out? In addition, Billy AT BASE would be including his M1 hits, grabs, etc, because AT BASE that is Billy. Base means no addons(doesn't even mean no perks), it doesn't mean "do absolutely nothing but use chainsaws".

    That person's survivor equivalent is the exact same ridiculous argument. If gen speed is broken, you shouldn't need to worry about looping the killer because it's OP right? So if the killer comes you just let him hook you, and then everyone else has to ignore you and keep doing gens, and you'll all 4 get out.

    I believe they DID loop the killers, and that was over 2 years ago that the LAST video was posted iirc. A lot has changed.

  • MysterTalMysterTal Member Posts: 137

    The insane constraints were there so that people wouldn't just link us to videos of them M1'ing everyone or using InstaSaw + Mori every match and going "see!? it's totally broken!"

    What would you suggest, instead?

  • MysterTalMysterTal Member Posts: 137

    Ok, but it's the chainsaw that people are saying is what's broken - not his stellar M1 stats or locker-grabbing skills. I just don't want people sending me videos of them basically M1'ining to victory or winning because some clown went in a locker in front of them (without DS, that is) and then they just had the other three people hook-bombing themselves to death, you know?

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 981

    Honestly. No offerings and no M1

    The best Billy players could probably pull this of. But most people would struggle really hard if survivors catch on you never m1. Even with instasaw

  • MysterTalMysterTal Member Posts: 137

    Ok, how about "grabs and M1 allowed"? No Addons and no Perks like Devour Hope or NOED or things like that.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 1,788
    edited January 19

    Again, that's like saying to show videos of people sitting at gens and never leaving even when the killer comes because it's OP and they should be able to make a 4 escape by just doing that, when you absolutely know it can't be done. There are times you have to M1, and Billy's power is not ONLY for chainsaw hits. It allows him basically the ability to Freddy Teleport to gens, but faster with no tell(aside from the chainsaw sound, but that's pretty much global so you don't know if he's coming to your gen), as well as one hit down, and if the exit gates are right across from each other, it's gonna be really damn hard to get out until he downs someone and picks them up, but he could just down someone, and not pick them up and let everyone kill themselves trying to get the gates open. I'm not saying he's OP, but his power helps him in more ways than one hit downing a survivor. Also, you said 50 matches. Every match will not be survivors being a bunch of idiots and jumping in lockers in front of the killer/etc, and I think it's pretty obvious that you're giving ridiculous requirements. A killer consists of M1s, their power, addons, grabs, and perks. Just like a survivor consists of items, addons, vaulting/throwing pallets/doing generators/hiding in lockers, and perks.

    A power can be OP without it being the only thing the killer uses. Spirit's tracking is top notch, and her power is the reason for that, but you can't ONLY use her power, or you'd never get any downs. It's also used for map traversal which is quite nice, and she used to be able to bump into survivors and get information just for that, making it really easy to find survivors at generators and get gen grabs, and many other things. Would it be fair to say "Only phase all game, don't M1, and if you get a 4k, then her bumping into survivors is too strong"?

    Billy's chainsaw is multi use. It has a lot of scenarios that make it useful, not only for it's 1 hit down capabilities, but again, I didn't say he was OP, just that you're basically creating a scenario that doesn't determine balance at all.

  • MysterTalMysterTal Member Posts: 137

    I amended the challenge a bit to make it more approachable. Reduced the required number of matches from 50 to 10 to make it less daunting, also amended the requirement for Chainsaw Only to more like Chainsaw Preferred.

  • MysterTalMysterTal Member Posts: 137

    You know, an InstaSaw build but where you can only use the chainsaw could be a thing, too... Hmmm...

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,059

    The difference between Billy and Spirit is that Spirit has a cooldown on her power and Billy can chainsaw whenever he pleases. Billy is the only killer in the game (besides Leatherface) that doesn’t have a cooldown or has to recharge their power.

    I agree that sometimes it is easier to just get the M1 hit but most players who are good at Billy go strictly for chainsaw hits and it’s not that hard if you’re good with him.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 1,414

    But why no add ons? why even no NOED? these things ARE in the game and people are taking them.Nobody knows what a Billy is like with no add ons and no perks because nobody ever sees one.

    He does have an M1 so there is no point disabling that as if Billy is struggling to hit a good survivor he can always fall back on M1. In addition if he's getting looped he can bring some combination of enduring/spirit fury/bamboozle which a lot of Billys do.

    He can hook a survivor and then BBQ across the map and appear on top of another and start swinging instadown after instadown after instadown with little cooldown until he gets the survivor. I know some survivors say BBQ needs a nerf and I disagree, it's fine and not OP at all. However Hillbilly (and old Nurse) is the only killer where I would say BBQ feels OP because of how quickly he can reach that survivor and then he can just keep swinging instadowns at them, Likewise Tinkerer is a junk perk however there's one killer it is good on - Hillbilly. My point is there are a good number of perks which become far more useful on Hillbilly than any other killer, almost as if the problem lies with Hillbilly himself and not the perks, No recent killer has ever been designed with that ability to cross the map the way Hillbilly can and then having unlimited instadowns on top.

    He can instadown a survivor with his instasaw and then turn around and blast any others in the area with Infectious Fright.

    At the moment many bring Ruin to slow the game down. It's not uncommon for Hillbilly to zoom across the map from the start, land on a survivor out of position and then have them instadowned all within the first 15 seconds of the game before the survivors have even got their first skillcheck. Then on top of that if you somehow get past a Hillbilly with instasaw and Ruin, a number have NOED at the end as a crutch to fall back on.

    My point is that no killer exists in a vacuum. Anyone can pick Hillbilly and any number of these builds. This is kind of the problem as all of this stacks and it's very easy to pick instasaw Hillbilly with Ruin and NOED and win any game with skill taking a backseat. I almost feel like in a way Hillbilly holds back the other killers, as certain things can't be buffed or have to be nerfed because of him.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 1,448
    edited January 19

    I can see some billy-haters are itching for him to have a massive nerf, aka have his chainsaw have a significant cool-down.

    This is coming from someone who is not very good with billy...I used to be alright, then I just lost it.

  • MysterTalMysterTal Member Posts: 137

    You sure type a lot.

    Care to display your expertise in the form of your recorded gameplay videos?

    I'd like to see 10 4k's as Billy, please. From everything you've written, it shouldn't be a problem.

  • Dr_doom_j2Dr_doom_j2 Member Posts: 485

    That doesn't mean [BAD WORD] my dude, I've had 4K games with hag end in 3 minutes, on old Haddonfield, not mint rag. He doesn't need a nerf just because you played him that one time.

  • Dr_doom_j2Dr_doom_j2 Member Posts: 485

    What? That's the opposite of what he was saying.... In fact, you're being disingenuous because you know if you were to say to only use nurse blink attacks or Spirit Phase walk attack, you'd actually just be playing Nurse or Spirit, so to continue making your argument of false equivalency without making it look like you have no idea what you're talking about you turned it the other way.

    This guy's idea is flawed, but I get where it comes from. Billy doesn't really need a nerf, he's not that far out of spectrum according to stats from where he should be (and y'all love bringing in the stats that support your argument when looked at in a vacuum)

    If anything, Freddy should be nerfed, maybe the spirit again too... But that's just according to Y'alls rules, I'm just a killer main living in you're world at this point so wtf do I know.

    Imagine being a nurse player that doesn't almost always use Blink attack 🙄

  • Dr_doom_j2Dr_doom_j2 Member Posts: 485

    Psssh don't even talk about Billy, it's obvious you touched him 2 or 3 times and never again if you think hillbilly can literally chainsaw good survivors all game. He's pretty easy to loop if that's all he does

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