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Nerfing every killer to the ground so BHVR doesnt have to bother

bilauetabilaueta Member Posts: 341
edited January 2020 in General Discussions

Just a quick note this is completely ironic and I dont want any of these nerfs to happen. Its just that the way the devs are balancing the game to lower skilled survivors then why not nerf all the killers already? So lets go

Base change to all killers: Killers cant kick gens by themselves anymore, as we felt that this could ruin the hard work put by survivors into the objective. Killers can still use perks to break them (making ruin a meta again, you happy killer mains?)

Killers cant stand less than 12 meters close to a hooked suvivor as we wanted to encourage more fair playstiles for killers. Note: This doesnt count verticallity so you cant stand over the basement at any time

Hex totems now make a spund when a survivor is 10 meters from them, similar to the small game notification

Trapper nerf: His traps can be sabotaged by any survivor for the entirety of the trial, we removed darkening add-ons and made the traps brighter so that survivors have a fair chance to avoid them

Wraith nerf: Made his addon that did not surpress his terror radius while cloaked (dont remeber the name) his basekit as his invicibility and stealth power felt unbalanced. Removed all windstorm add-ons

Hillbilly nerf: Made the regulator his base kit to remove his one-shot down, added an ultra rare addon (that we will probably nerf as well) that allows his chainsaw to be a one shot down. Reduced his chainsaw sprint movement speed since it gave easy map pressure without any effort. Added a 10 second cooldown to his chainsaw attack

Myers nerf: Doubled the amount of evil required to reach tier 3 and removed scratched mirror from his add-ons. Made it so its even harder to get his 4 kill achievement

Doctor nerf: Afflictions now only work during tier 3 madness and doctor needs to shock a survivor double the previous amount of times to invrease their madness tier. Removed fake pallet, terror radius and fake doctors addons since they felt confusing and unfair for survivors

Hag nerf: Hag cant teleport to a trap that is placed in less than 10 meters of her, since this allowed for easy hits during chases

Huntress nerf: Hatchet throw limit added, huntress cant throw hatchets from one side of the map to the other anymore since after traveling 25 meters the hatchet dissapears. Removed iridescent head from her add-ons. When a survivor is locked in a vaulting animation they become immune to hatchets since this felt unfair for survivors who made a mistake during a chase

Nurse nerf: Doubled the cooldown on her blink fatigue, we've already done enough last time

Leatherface nerf: Made his chainsaw attack a one hit only attack (so you can only try one swing of the chainsaw), but missing it or bumbing into a wall triggers the normal animation for bumping into things. If the trial starts with a leatherface as a killer the basement is blocked by the entity for him to prevent any unfair basement camping

Pig nerf: Only two jigsaw boxes appear on the map since this felt unfair for suvivors who had to check many boxes to find the right one. Reduced her ambush attack movement speed since it was unfair for survivors caught off guard

Freddy nerf: Cant teleport to generators anymore and his fake pallet add-on was removed. Survivors can now wake themselves up without the need of an alarm clock similar to the snap out of it action

Clown nerf: His bottles no longer prevent fast vaults on intoxicated survivors and removed the hindered penalty from them

Legion nerf (final one): Removed them from the game as we are already tired of trying to fix them and Mc.Cote went "######### it!"

Plague nerf: Removed corrupt purge since it punished survivors for healing themselves on fountains. Plague cant turn during her vomit animation anymore to allow suvivors to dodge this more easily

Spirit nerf: Reduced her phasing speed to 105% and made her visible while phasing just like wraith looks when cloaked

Ghostface nerf: Removed tea-bagging ability so that survivors dont feel insulted by the killer making fun of them. Made it so he is more easy to expose and can be exposed while behind cover if pointed at by a survivor

Demogorgon nerf: Increased the cooldown on his portals and the speed at which they are broken. Increased the charge rate of shred attack and decreased the distance of it. Increased the volume of his scream after every attack by 100% (rip headphone users)

Oni nerf: Remove his truning abilty after demon dash or during demon strike to remove any posible flick abuse. Oni can no longer down survivors with his ability when they are vaulting a pallet or window since it was not consistent with the animation, instead it injures them normally

The team here at Behaviour know that this is a very controversial patch, but we are sure that killer players will now need a lot of skill to win a game and survivors will now have more chances and opportunities to learn from each mistake

On a serious note here, BHVR should not balance around new players. It is like a kid learning to ride a bike, eventually they've got to let go of their training wheels and if they fall they should get back up again to try to get better

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