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WRussoWWRussoW Member Posts: 161
edited January 20 in General Discussions

Both perks require totems. Both of them don't require killers to do anything.

Why everyone is fine about Ruin but so hateful towards NOED? Like, I know people say NOED is the crutch perk but noone says the same thing about Ruin.



  • WoofersonWooferson Member Posts: 21

    I mean, Noed is insurance but that doesn't mean its a crutch. Yes, itll give a chance for more kills but survivors have a ton of second chance perks (adrenaline, ds, delieverence, dh)

    Plus not getting rid of totems is the survivors fault and if they do get rid of it, the killer is down a perk slot. You can go against a killer with only 3 perks by simply completing totems which delay the game by maybe 2 minutes since you wont be on a gen.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 411

    For me, Noed can be

    • Not a Hex, its a normal perk
    • Has 3 tokens, a hit on Healthy Survivor takes 1 token.
  • SL33PYSL33PY Member Posts: 51

    dont worry I’m sure noed will get the ruin treatment soon survivors don’t want the possibility of someone not escaping

  • ReallyBigShoeReallyBigShoe Member Posts: 764

    I assure you, I'd be better suited to do it than you.

    Not saying you're bad, mind you. I'm just saying I'm better.

  • bj75181bj75181 Member Posts: 1

    This is so true. Atleast with NOED, you still have chances of winning. Use smart counterperks, get better, loop killers for time and avoid hooks. Survivors are already OP in their own right, so what's wrong with a NOED that spawns at the End?

    You can 1: Escape but with only a few players.

    2. Play smart and use perks that can counter it like Detectives Hunch.

    3. Be bad and complain

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185

    NOED doesn't take out skill from the killer. If survivors choose to gen rush and not cleanse totems that's on them. It's ironic most people ask for more objectives to slow the game down when totems are an objective. That's why NOED works best without other hex totems, it puts survivors in a false sense of security forgetting about totems altogether leaving some for NOED to appear.

    Sad thing is, I notice my NOED totem usually activates close to an exit making it easier to find on the way out. I can't count how many times I start cleansing the last totem as a friend is finishing the last gen. I start cleansing a dull and it finishes as a hex. So fulfilling imagining the killer thinking they are about to get one hours only to be let down when they hear the notification.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 1,545

    NOED requires you to lose 90% of the game to maybe have the perk activate. Pretty steep price for something can be found and cleansed right away. I've had dull totems light up into NOED as I was cleansing them.

  • saminationsamination Member Posts: 261

    They hate noed with a passion because they feel entitled to a free escape. They have this weird idea the game is over and the killer has lost once the last gen is done. You still gotta get out.

  • Hex_RaiderHex_Raider Member Posts: 37


  • dragobvdragobv Member Posts: 127

    noed is a punishement for survivors not doing bones and hugging gens

  • saminationsamination Member Posts: 261

    I honestly think the noed should be built in after the doors are powered on. Shouldn't the game get more dangerous, not less? Every killer should be fast and be able to one-shot. Similar to Jason's rage mode. Survivors should never feel safe. Something just feels very lacking during this time. I'm also saying this as a survivor and killer main.

  • Mrwood204Mrwood204 Member Posts: 226

    NOED is not that fun....but I can see why killers use it.

    It's really only not fun when you are the one downed by it. It triggers that "of course" feeling.

    But it is a totem, if they are cleansed before it triggers it's a wasted perk slot, and let's not pretend the lit totems are exactly hard to see. I just finished a map where the totem was right in front of the exit gate.

    And if I'm in the exit gate waiting for other teammates, I just nope out of there in fear that it MIGHT be active if the killers coming at me.

    Actually the more I think about it the more I've just ran into the fog because I'm worried it might be active but dont know for sure.

  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 147

    I have an idea, if NOED is too strong even if it can be able to be broken. Why dont we put survivor perks on like, papers the killer can take down, can you imagine the salt storm when "HEY THATS NOT FAIR THE KILLER BROKE MY DS!?!110"

  • BoomBoom420BoomBoom420 Member Posts: 9

    With how bad the ranking system is(having purple ranks while u r rank 17 etc.) noed is completely fair game, I'm a former killer main, but I quit for the reason that even with noed, it's hard to get a single kill without camping or tunneling the hook. Cleanse totems if noed becomes a problem, it stops noed, and kinda stops genrushing.

  • JordanMaliciousJordanMalicious Member Posts: 84

    I'd disagree. I will switch to NOED sometimes if I see 4 tool boxes and I want to make sure it isn't just memes for the survivors to plow through the gens. It is insurance, sure, but it isn't a bad perk. If some people use it as a crutch that is their loss, but not all killers that run NOED are unskilled or unable to improve. Same with not all survivors that run adrenaline or DS are bad survivors. I'd say it's on a case by case basis.

  • Cable2486Cable2486 Member Posts: 142

    That was why it felt so weird to hear it was getting changed. Mixing protective hexes like TOTH and HG made people panic and for get the other totems, which gave NOED some nice protection/distraction. Besides, if you always expect they have it, it won't ever really take you by surprise.

  • Mr_XMr_X Member Posts: 10
    edited January 21

    I've been playing this since long before ruin, and it's basically ruined the game for me. I only started playing again because I heard it was going away. Basically kills every game if you aren't active and derank.

    I don't have a problem with noed though tbo. Cleanse more totems of you're worried about that... Or don't get hit.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 824

    You think killers don't get better when playing the majority of the game with 3 perks?

    It's funny that this "takes no skill or action to activate" comes out that quick on this topic. Does it take skill to drop down somewhere or vault something to get the rush from Lithe/BL? Or is that actually enough action to verify a second chance? Or that 'well timed' sprintburst that simply allows you to sit on the gen for the very last second, or even sit on dead area gens and escape to the next loop. Very high skill cap and difficult action necessary.

    And I would even say, the action the killer takes to get this 'reward' is: playing with 3 perks until EGC. Totally worth it. Still counterable by cleansing totems. So it is actually in the survivors hands if it happens or not. NOED punishes survivors to not go for totems. If they do, the killer at least gets the reward of slightly slower gen progression. I totally see no problem with NOED. It even is not a huge problem most of the times when it still activates, unless 2 survivors are already dead. And if the killer achieves that with 3 perks, I'd say "deserved".

    (of course there are edge cases, I'm not protecting super boring insidious campers with NOED. Just saying the perk itself is fine. But as many other things you can abuse it, like DS)

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