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Do You Make Self Imposed Rules?

Sabor44Sabor44 Member Posts: 27

Good morning denizens of the fog! Today I was kind of curious if you implemented any self imposed rules for your playstyle. For me personally I hate dealing with people falsely reporting me, accusing me of cheating, belittling me, throwing racial slurs at me, and going on my steam page to harass me fr several weeks (yes I have had people write multiple negative comments on my profile over the course of two weeks). To kind of mitigate this I sub consciously implemented self imposed rules.

I did not realize it, but I have become a much nicer killer then when I first started playing. Some of these rules include I will never use a motu unless someone is on their death hook, if someone unhooks someone else in front of me I let the injured survivor go, if a person dcs before 2 gens are done I let at least one person go.

I did not realize I started doing this until recently, however even straining myself to pretend I don't see survivors near hooks ready to rescue, going easy on people that are injured or simply took a left instead of a right. However as I continue to play I find myself enjoying the game less, getting less kills, and surprise people still insult me. I think the tip of the iceberg was a Swf group that did not perform well. I brought an ebony mori, but I did not use it till they were on their death hook. I even slugged two of them so try got one more chance since they only had completed 2 gens by that point. However they still lost and the last person died before the 4th generator was done. I showed mercy on them multiple times and I was still met with a slur of insults and informing me I would not have gotten a single kill if I did not bring a mori.

I still subconsciously follow my own silly rules and wanted to know if any other killer or survivor did the same thing. Have a good day fellow denizens ^^



  • TheBilldozerTheBilldozer Member Posts: 152

    No rules. If I'm killer or survivor, I'm winning.

  • EmpireWinnerEmpireWinner Member Posts: 169


  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 1,549

    Overall, I give what I get. I treat survivors how they treat me while still playing to win.

    I try not to camp or tunnel, but I won't throw a game to avoid either one. If survivors wait too long to save on first hook, I might go back for a few seconds to force second state. I'm never looking to hard tunnel, but rescuers can't Houdini and expect me to ignore the injured survivor.

    I don't bring Moris unless it's for a daily. Even then, only on death hook.

    I refuse to use keys.

    I give hatch if someone d/c'd, afk'd, or quit on first hook.

    Kind of a weird one, but I only run NOED as part of endgame builds with Bloodwarden/Remember Me/Fire Up/etc.

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,113

    I play how I want, when I want, that's my rule.

    It's worked every game.

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,171
    edited January 20

    Yes, as killer:

    • No camping nor tunneling unless someone teabagged or sandbagged
    • No mori unless deathhook
    • 1 DC = 1 free of chase gen
    • 2 DC = Farm or funny gamestyle

    As survivor:

    • Farmers get stitches
    • No one gets left behind even if I die trying
    • There's only 2 remaining (you and me), you purpossely brought the killer to me = I'll do my best to loop the killer trying to find hatch, then proceed to stand still on top of the hatch for you to die with me
  • MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 282
    edited January 20


    -Don’t tunnel. If I see a survivor who I recently hooked and they’re still injured I’ll usually just walk away, or slug. Depends. If they’re toxic enough and asking for it I’ll tunnel no shame.

    -Don’t camp. It’s a waste of time and not fun for both sides. I only do on very rare occasion, a survivor has to do something horrible (Usually sandbagging)

    -Don’t be in a chase for longer than 30 seconds

    -If someone disconnects early game and the others weren’t toxic I’ll attempt to farm, if they don’t get the idea I’m killing them.

    Only rule I have as a survivor is to not t bag at all unless the killer deserves it lol.

  • Doddle28Doddle28 Member Posts: 198

    Yeah, as survivor and killer.

    As survivor:

    -Try and help your team escape

    -Try not to farm, especially without BT

    -Do gens

    -Play as well as you can, don't waste pallets.

    -Don't bm unless they deserve it.

    -Make sure everyone has fun

    As killer:

    -Don't use strategies, perks, add ons, or killers, who/which you hate facing. For me, that means things I think are a tad too strong, no moris, no camping, no tunneling, no noed, and no spirit.

    -Make sure people get points and have fun

    -Don't bm unless they deserve it

    -If there's an early suicide, early dc, or if the game is a roflstomp, be kind to people and maybe give em hatch (depends if I got my bbq stack or not)

    -Don't tunnel - I'm saying this again because of how much I believe in giving everyone a fun, interactive game. Like, to the point I either slug or down people if they've just been on the hook, even if it's been 2 minutes.

  • saminationsamination Member Posts: 266

    Yessum. As killer I always get the one that rats someone out. I always chase the one that unhooked. If someone feels new I make sure they escape. I kill showoff's and don't mind waiting out their deaths. I don't read or engage in post game chat. Lastly, I try to just have fun and not worry about 'winning'.

    As survivor, I don't heal under hooks unless Well Make It. I don't purposely use others while in chase. I don't bring DS or Dead Hard. In fact, I rarely bring any speed perks. I always bring Kindred and don't spaz on the hook. Lastly, I never feel entitled to a win (and I'm ok with NOED.)

  • Kongtwenty12Kongtwenty12 Member Posts: 121

    Of course for both sides


    - i don't use moris. I just think they are unfun for everyone

    - i only run BBQ if I'm bp grinding

    - I don't use ruin but that's more personal preference than a rule. I do like the new ruin so I may start using it

    - no tunnel/camp


    - I don't use decisive

    - I don't tbag

    - I don't use flashlight or key unless I find one in a chest

    - I will always go for the unhook unless I'm on 3rd hook or the person bmd me. (For example, in my last game a teammate dropped a pallet specificly to stop me from escaping)

    - if ruin is in play I always just brute Force through it

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 834
    edited January 21

    Rule nr1. We mix and match outfits, no 2 parts of the same set/outfit are allowed to be worn at the same time.

    Rule nr2. Individual Perks per survivor and/or killer, everyone will get their own unique set (for as far as that is possible). These perks can never be any of the perks the survivor or killer came with.

    Rule nr3. I dont tunnel but I will punish an unsafe unhook by downing the person who was unhooked, then going for the other.

    Rule nr4. I dont camp unless the gens were going way too fast, ill take what I get at that point.

    Rule nr5. I dont use any add ons or mories or items (unless found ingame)

    Rule nr6. If a survivor is making the camping sign even though they are not being camped, I treat them as if they are.

    Rule nr7. I dont help/touch scumbag survivors.

  • Mak0Mak0 Member Posts: 123

    I'm a simple killer.


    Flashlight Clicks


    BMing me or your teammates

    I'm going to tunnel you to death and if I catch you during EGC I'm going to face camp you.

    Some killers with poor end game pressure like bubba I came at EGC and if they made a good enough play to get them off the hook and escape I dont complain and say gg

  • xCarriexCarrie Member Posts: 462

    I only follow one rule.

    Spare all baby dweets.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 3,328

    I do but not in the way you mentioned.

    The rules I create for myself are more for specific challenges. For example I may decide I want to only want to hit people with my Demo-goodboi dash, or I may limit myself to jump-scare hits only.

    The rules I create are more for my own enjoyment than anything else. I will make the choice to not go for someone if I can tell they are below my level of play (as to not complete ruin their match experience) but I don't make this a rule.

    As a survivor my favorit "ruleset" is the Pluders challenge, where I play based on the items I get from the chests. Each item equates a different focused objective from saves/heals to gen jockey to totem finder. This focus changes as the items break and I find new ones.

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 1,381

    As a survivor-

    Don’t T-bag at exit gates unless the killer was tunneling and campy from the start of the match. It’s understandable if they are when two gens or less are available.

    Don’t unhook until killer is out of sight and I don’t hear the heartbeat.

    Always 99% the gates just in case someone gets downed.

    I don’t blind killers after pallet stunning. I understand it is a good strategy for survivors to get away but I hate it when it’s done to me when playing killer, so I just don’t do it to anyone.

    I don’t t-bag at all throughout a game. I will butt dance for mercy sometimes, and I like to spin when I’m in dying state. Killers like to show mercy when I do as long as I’m playing Dweet.

    If I spot Ruin when spawning into a match, I’ll sometimes pretend I didn’t see it <_<. I know how it sucks when, as a killer, it gets cleansed within 30 seconds. Someone usually finds it within a minute anyways, and if not, I’ll cleanse it in two.

    As Killer:

    I don’t tunnel or camp at the start of a match, unless the survivor is toxic to me or their teammates. I will sometimes tunnel a toolbox holder just to prevent gens from popping too quickly.

    If I’m facing potatoes, I’ll play extra nice and let them earn some bloodpoints. I’ll let two go and kill the two who play the skins I hate -Sorry Bills and Jakes.

    I see a shirtless David, I’m going to tunnel you, and try to get you to realize I just want you to be my backpack for the match. I mean, who wouldn’t want his body pressed up against them???

    This goes against the first rule but if it’s a group of Claudettes and they give an offering to go to any Yamaoka map, it will turn into tunnel/slug/camp city. I play to have fun, not lose my eyesight. I already have glasses, don’t need it to get worse.

    If it seems like it’s a baby killer, especially with how matchmaking is these days, and we have the doors open and he didn’t kill anyone, I’ll let them kill me. They deserve blood points too!

    If someone offers me their item, twerks for me, or spins I’m dying state, I’ll usually let them go if I dominated them too much during a match.

    If someone dcs, I’ll take it easy for the rest of the match. If two dc, we farm and hope the dcer watches and rages.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 5,751

    Not that I can think of? I mean, I guess I don't camp before the gens are done, but that is less of a moral rule and more of a belief that it is ineffective.

  • Member Posts: 935
    edited January 21

    I do what ever is viable at the point in time. e.g If it's viable to camp and secure a kill, then I'll do that.

  • Bill_I_Am__OverbeckBill_I_Am__Overbeck Member Posts: 204

    Even if you set rules for yourself, people are still going to call you camper/tunneler and BM you because they're more toxic than a radioactive landfill since you downed/hooked/killed them.

  • WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,102

    Rules for me? Depends on the build.

    But usually.

    I like to play in different ways than typically how I usually played as of late, it makes it more fun. I’m used to a rule set constricting me because I play The Sims a lot, so it doesn’t really bother me. (Proud completionist of 100 babies).

    I play for fun first, winning second, so even if I get sacrificed, I end the game happily.

  • kinderjazenkinderjazen Member Posts: 81

    As killer

    not to face camp

    mad survivor

    not to t bag or flashlight click

  • MissBehavingXMissBehavingX Member Posts: 234


    • I always leave the hook immediately after hooking unless I hear someone following me while carrying the survivor, then I go after them
    • I always go for the person who unhooked
    • If I down a recently unhooked survivor I leave them on the ground
    • I don't tunnel unless the survivor is being toxic
    • If I hear someone doing a gen or cleansing while on a chase I let them continue unless there's one gen left and it's about to pop
    • If they opened the door but are not leaving, I go to the opposite side of the map and wait for them to get tired of waiting
    • If I see a player trying to be "friendly" so I give them the hatch or to farm, I ignore it and continue the game. I only give the hatch to people who deserve it.
    • I dont camp unless zero kills during EGC
    • I don't "no-no" the downed/hooked survivor unless they are being toxic


    • I dont tbag to annoy the killer nor I'm toxic (flashlights). From time to time I do the exit gate tbag or to greet/thank other survivors
    • I always try to go for the rescue unless Im on last hook or my gen is about to pop
    • I never farm, If I dont have BT I won't unhook in terror radius
    • I try to avoid other players if I can during a chase
    • I always try to go for the rescue during end game or make sure other players make it
    • I always try to heal after unhooking
    • I don't sandbag nor block/trap players
    • If I go into second stage during my first hook because survivors decided to start gens I may not care to rescue them
  • SandySushiSandySushi Member Posts: 25

    I try and keep in mind to always be doing something productive during matches instead of hiding when I don't need to (So, my rule is being ballsy lmao) and then I also have a rule to work on generators if a survivor is hooked and if nobody gets them by the time they're halfway through their phase, I go get them.

  • UniSansUniSans Member Posts: 21

    My only rule for killer is if I see someone who seems new they can escape because that’s not fun if they’re in a SWF and their against a rank 1 killer

  • NMCKENMCKE Member, Trusted Posts: 6,790

    I have a few when I play survivor:

    • Let them sacrifice you since they tried.
    • Don't BM and have engaging conversations.
    • Enjoy the game.

  • fly_172fly_172 Member Posts: 77

    Oh yeah! It’s cool to see how people adjust their gameplay and personalize their experience. I’ve got a pretty decent list tho lol.


    • Never use add-ons, offerings, or NOED
    • Go for unhooker unless in extreme scenarios
    • Don’t camp the hook if I can’t find someone there in under 10 or so seconds
    • If someone sandbags/sells out their teammate, I try my hardest to kill that person
    • If it’s down to 2 or 3 survivors and someone is clearly just waiting for the others to die, I try to juggle them til I find the hider
    • My DC system (assuming the dc wasn’t mid to late game) is to two hook the remaining 3, then if a second dc’s, the last 2 get to farm, and if a third dc’s I directly message the last person
    • If I’m bodying them then I try to make sure their bp isn’t atrocious by the time they die
    • If one person was hard carrying the team I’ll try to give them hatch (or at least the chance at hatch)
    • I try to 3 hook everyone, and do alternate hooks, but ultimately this gets decided by how the game is going


    • Used to be I couldn’t run old mettle or old DS but now I don’t mind, tho I rarely do
    • No items or offerings
    • No exhaustion perks (for about 90% of matches, I’ll occasionally use one when playing a survivor I don’t normally run)
    • No clicky clicky unless it’s at teammates
    • Never leave someone behind, like ever, idc if they’re being Facecamped with NOED I’ll still try lol worst case scenario we both die and killer gets some more bp
    • If the killer gets rekt I tend to go back in so they can kill me after everyone else is out

    In general

    • Never DC
    • If I get destroyed, send them a gg
    • Try not to get frustrated? That’s a tough one

    All in all I try to follow my rules, and strike a balance between playing to win and making sure the other people don’t have a miserable time. On incredibly rare occasions I’ll disregard my rules if I’m playing against someone (or a group) that I recognize and know actively tries to ruin other people’s fun (I’m talking straight harassment). Things are always subject to change tho.

    In the end, I get why a lot of people have their own rule sets, or none at all, and that’s chill I just like to play my own way.

  • PythonheirPythonheir Member Posts: 1,131

    My Rules As Killers:

    • Kill 2 Survivors - Then take game hostage
    • Max all BP categories
    • Kill last 2 Survivors - They can double pip and die, I cannot.

    My Rules As Survivors:

    • Get Objective BP category to at least half.
    • Max All Other BP categories.
    • Finish objective
    • If game lasted 9 minutes - die, otherwise escape by any means.
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