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R.I.P Q time......and gen time

played 4 rounds as killer and 2 survivor.

with a stop watch:

q time: around 30 seconds or less

gen time: 4:15 (1k, noed), 3:58(1k noed), 6:21(3k overaltruism), 5:34(0k let a baby dweet go)

Than i played survivor(solo):

2 rounds:

q time: 7:35 (had lunch), 4:23(made tea)

gen time: 5:42(1k noed), 4:32(0k)

Great thing that survivor q is longer than actual match time thanks to ruin. Atleast i can do usefull things in the mean time, like watch my anime or drawing lol.

But to be honest. even if this is just a small sample i already have enough of playing killer. guess its time to play survivor since i dont need to sweat my ass of to have a chance to win lol. Its most of the time not even that i cant win. Its just that im not interested to play a match that is only around 4 minutes. Same goes for survivor just worse.

evey match was on rank 1. well atleast my rank not everyone else since match making is still bad and u still get rank 8s and 10s.

And pls dont come with arguments of the "git gud" type i play this game for over 2 years and got over 1.5k hours. Atleast i dont lose anymore as survivor because my bad mates that somehow got rank 1 search for ruin.

ps: tstoped timer after last gen pop. and yes i use noed (even though i hate it since its a second chance perk) since killers dont have other usefull perks.

tl;dr match making as survivor is longer than gen time because there is no perk close as viable as ruin to stop gens.



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