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Another suggestion post for Legion.

Seems that I've made a bunch of these already, but as long as legion stays the same and I keep thinking of new ideas then I don't see any reason to stop posting.

Add in on hit effects back to feral frenzy.

Change the deep wounds effect based on which health state the survivor is in when it gets applied. Might want to just give legion his own version of the debuff if you don't want to change it for all deep wound effects. For now lets just refer to it as T1 deep wounds when applied from a healthy state and T2 deep wounds when applied from injured.

Base self mend time should be up to 16 from 12. When applied during healthy state deep wounds has a timer of 60 seconds.

If deep wounds is applied while injured then the timer drops down to 30 seconds and can no longer be self mended. Instead it must be mended by allies which takes 10 seconds. In this state bleeding no longer stops while running or being within terror radius range, but DOES stop while in chase. Hitting a survivor in feral frenzy and applying T1 deep wounds does not apply T2 deep wounds.

Can't say it's completely fool proof but this should make him semi viable. Letting the first hit remain basically the same is fine, but instead of remaining a bargain bin bootleg plague he has some nasty punishment for remaining injured.

Healing is now something they're inclined to do but risking it for a biscuit and staying injured means he'll be able to tap your cheeks with a T2 deep wounds which then requires you to find an ally and have them waste time as well. The problem was that there was no risk to anything. It gives him actual downing potential to play off of.


  • TatariuTatariu Member Posts: 841
    edited January 2020

    This is worse. Deep Wounds is currently 30 seconds, while injured it could be changed to 15. The problem, is they already tried this back when Legion released. It made it possible to 1 shot survivors with Frenzy hits, so long you had Stab Wounds study and Frank’s Mixtape.

  • FootMan2893FootMan2893 Member Posts: 217

    In his current state? It's better. It makes him similar to plague. Survivors either waste time and heal, which can be punished even further with Legion Pin, or they don't heal and get punished with the empowered deep wounds.

    The 30 second timer serves 2 purposes. The first is to give survivors a small chance of finding a friend in time, and the second is to balance out his downing potential. It gives him the ability to successfully down someone with his ability but if he wants to pick that person up then he'll have to stalk them from a distance waiting for them to go down.

    It fits in with his chain stabbing playstyle as its biggest benefit is the ability to quickly stab and forget as you chase other people and let them bleed out on their own.

  • DreadnightDreadnight Member Posts: 37

    I think most of problems with Legion is:

    • Perk sinergy with his power and timers.
    • VS good survivors its dificult hit more than 1 with his power

    My suggestions is:

    • Mend doesn`t have timer
    • Survivors with Deep wounds can`t do objetives or heal until wounds are mended.
    • Self-Mend should take much more time (this promote others help you to mend faster).

    With this changes, his power is better to slow the game, promote survivors to play more cooperative and punish who mend alone, and it makes easier to find survivors together.

  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 1,589

    You totally forget that Plague literally gets buffed when surviviors heal. Legion has none of that.

  • FootMan2893FootMan2893 Member Posts: 217

    Yes, I remember. In this concept he gets buffed when they're injured instead of when they heal. They're forced to heal and waste time, or else legion gets a really strong power. Plague forces them to NOT heal or else she gets a really strong power. Still very similar.

  • itschiezyitschiezy Member Posts: 4

    i Was thinking that they should make him like an anti looping character. Deep wound timers would only go down while in a chase but would never reset until u fully go down. Mending would pause the timer, but the next time you’re in a chase with him, it’ll continue where it left off at . The timer should be increased from 30 seconds to 1 min and 10 seconds to cope with the timer going down with being chased. Or maybe even more . The next time you have that one person in an infinite loop with you , their timer constantly goes down and they only face the inevitable . The only way to get rid of it is to lose the killer and mend to pause it or have your teammates do an exclusive skill that lets them reset your timer.

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