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Laggy gameplay despite having high fps and good internet connection

killdekillde Member Posts: 53

I have a good rig, constantly getting 140+ fps on ultra settings uncapped.

But when I play in building maps where you are in close proximity to objects I get an extremely laggy gameplay, so if my character steps forward one second later it will show me in a different location as if I teleported or moved despite not actually doing so, but when it doesn't happen the framerate is smooth because of the fps. It mostly happens in building maps where everything is in close proximity, although it sometimes happens in regular open field maps as well.

My FPS is uncapped and my internet connection is fine. It makes my gameplay impossible and basically I'm at a serious disadvantage with it.

It's extremely annoying and at times makes the game unplayable, which is unfortunate. How do I fix that?


  • hinoutoumeihinoutoumei Member Posts: 277
    edited January 2020

    I have a similar issue. Whenever i go to select the spirit to play as her, her avatar takes a good 10 seconds to load . none of hte other characters do this and the issue exclusively happens only when in the character select. I also have decent internet and a rig that basically is triple what is recommended. I'm using an AMD card though, which apparently is not that great of a brand. I know certain games just won't outright run on the new amd drivers even with a $1000 card lol.

    so perhaps that is all the issue is. Try rolling back your drivers. After i rolled back my drivers to a previous one from early 2019 the spirit avatar loads fine.

    hopefully that was helpful and relevant.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 4,998

    The driver thing is definitely worth trying. I've seen nvidia folks say the previous driver works better than the current one, for some reason.

    I would also recommend reverting the change you made to the ini file and putting the 60fps cap back, as that has apparently helped some folks. (I have a theory on why, but cannot confirm for sure)

  • forthelulzforthelulz Member Posts: 214

    You should lock your FPS to a multiple of 30 as well as an FPS that your system can maintain 100% of the time.

    Fluctuating FPS even if only slight, and especially uncapped severely exacerbates the issues in this game.

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