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Legendary Survivor/Killer achievements despite not meeting requirements?



  • shiggie_wiggieshiggie_wiggie Member Posts: 1

    same happened to me. I'm a rank 9 survivor and thirteen killer. played a survivor match and as soon as it started got the survivor 5-1 achievements and when i exited the game i got the killer rank 10-1 achievements

  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 1,120

    Ehi, just chiming in to say that this is a known issue.

    I'll link here a thread with known issues on this current version.

  • ShirokuroShirokuro Member Posts: 143

    Yeah I'm pretty sure the devs can't revert achievements. I guess you could do it with Steam Achievement Manager but I haven't tried it myself

  • inferjusinferjus Member Posts: 211
    edited January 21

    Description of the issue: My friend when playing with me got randomly achievements for getting certain ranks as killer and survivor without ever achieveing these ranks.

    Steps to reproduce (if possible): Just play the game.

    How often does this occur: Randomly and often.

  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 1,120

    Hello there!

    This is known. Look at the top for this thread about known issues:

  • Marble_IndexMarble_Index Member Posts: 33

    Are these achivements not on console?

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 104

    Just so you know, many people have been banned for achievement cheating in the past. I know this because I've reported many of them myself (mind you, I was using the google doc reporting system 2ish years ago so things may have changed since then).

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 2,769


    Do you know if it is possible to remove them?

  • shady__ladyshady__lady Member Posts: 1

    Hey there. I am playing with 3 friends right now and during the loading screen the game of a friend crashed. Game finished loading and registered, that there was one person not loading in and I got the "reach Killer Rank 5" and "reach Killer Rank 1" BOTH at the same time, but I was playing survivor.

  • UpsettingDruid0UpsettingDruid0 Member Posts: 11

    So a friend and I wearing playing against a spirit, one gen left and she killed both of us. Well, as I was in the animation of being taken into the sky by the entity, I lost connection to the server. I get booted to the main menu and reconnect to the server, and when I do, I unlock Expert, Master, and Legendary Killer achievements even though I haven't touched killer in months.

    I just don't know if this a bug people are getting or what, I also just want to make sure I don't get any bans or something from this. On steam btw

  • AnotherClownAnotherClown Member Posts: 5

    I had the same issue, today i started a match with my hillbilly and get the expert survivor achievement

  • Mang_AnwarMang_Anwar Member Posts: 39

    Yep, same thing happen to my friend after we played together just a minute ago. He bought a perk from shrine then unlocks legendary survivor and killer achievement. He is rank 13 at survivor and 15 at killer.

  • AAAAAAAAAA Member Posts: 539

    I got the master and legendary survivor and killer achievements without reaching rank one.

  • MyNamePeteMyNamePete Member Posts: 737

    this is a bug and the devs know about it

    just enjoy your achievements because there's no downside or anything so ggs ig

  • CustódioCustódio Member Posts: 0

    So, i was playing today as killer and somehow i get the killer and survivor rank achievements.

    And didn't even played as a survivor today, i am rank 9 as killer and rank 13 as a survivor, and after that, i played a games as a killer, and i get a popup of something like this:

    Rank Error Update

    An error has occurred and the game was unable to update your rank.

    So at first i thought it was a glitch, and i played another game, and it stills there.

    I need help solving that please.

  • ItsDarlingItsDarling Member Posts: 10

    Me too

  • ItsDarlingItsDarling Member Posts: 10

    13 Matchs 9 Errors :c

  • gemgames86gemgames86 Member Posts: 8

    For whatever reason I just got the Legendary Survivor achievement. You get it when you hit Rank 1. The highest I've ever made it however is Rank 4.

  • DecagnDecagn Member Posts: 1

    this has just happened to me as well, the furthest I've ever gotten was rank 2 killer and that was a while ago, I was playing claudette against the clown, and got the achievement right after the match ended and I had left the lobby. Very confusing

  • burntFuseburntFuse Member Posts: 114

    I was just about to post this exact same thing.

  • frazzleduckfrazzleduck Member Posts: 1

    this happened to me as well, and I also received the expert killer (the one you get for rank 10) as i was entering a game. For context, I am currently rank 10 on survivor side, and rank 17 on killer side

  • SentientBaconSentientBacon Member Posts: 1
    edited January 22

    Just adding to the list.

    Started a match as a survivor and got the rank 5 and rank 1 killer achievements right at the beginning as someone disconnected. Not sure if the DC is linked in any way, but I figure I should mention it. Map was Lerys and killer was wraith for additional info.

  • raquelambersantiagoraquelambersantiago Member Posts: 316
    edited January 22

    Yep same I also got it. I will take it as a freebie for now lol I loaded in as huntress after 4 survivor dcs on wraith and bam I got legendary survivor rank 1 lol. To note I had also only reached highest rank of 4

  • battousan75battousan75 Member Posts: 9

    I'm also getting the same situation with killer, i received both 5 and 1 achievement. Never had kill that high. I' also seeing players on my friends list getting their achievement for survivor as well. This may be a glitch since the update, and i don't want the anti-cheat system to think that I'm hacking. Please fix.

  • battousan75battousan75 Member Posts: 9

    I'm also getting the same situation with killer, i received both 5 and 1 achievement. Never had kill that high. I' also seeing players on my friends list getting their achievement for survivor as well. This may be a glitch since the update, and i don't want the anti-cheat system to think that I'm hacking. Please fix.

  • iamtheculpritiamtheculprit Member Posts: 4

    I can confirm that upon starting a match today as a R1 Survivor I was randomly given the R1 Killer achievement

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 60

    I got my rank 10 survivor and killer and my rank 5 killer achievements the first match I played tonight as well

  • NfiniteNfinite Member Posts: 10

    I managed to get Expert Killer (Rank 10), Master Killer (5), Legendary Killer (1), Master Survivor, and Legendary survivor today. Rank 9 survivor and 12 killer.

  • xoBlackBettyxoBlackBetty Member Posts: 20

    I'm rank 7. I just played a duo match with my BF and at the end of our match I got two achievements.

    My rank 10 killer achievement (even though it was a survivor match) AND my rank 1 survivor achievement (even though I'm only rank 7)... at the SAME time...

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