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Why do people still use self care at red ranks?

I honestly don’t know why people use self care, it takes so long and is a waste of a perk slot, I get that some people don’t want to rely on teammates but there are other perks to help you while your injured and give benefits ironwill, dead hard, resilience self care just seems self destructive imo


  • Ultra_DyceUltra_Dyce Member Posts: 16

    Cause if you hit stealth killers, or like hag, and are not running spine chill; it's pretty terrifying to stay injured. If you are getting tunneled straight off the hook there is no time to get healed by a teammate.

    Botany knowledge with a medkit is better but then you can't have a commodious toolbox or key; far superior items.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 955

    Why do people still use self care at red ranks you ask? Because 80%+ in red ranks are actually bad.

    (I am not saying i am good tho)

  • BigTimeGamerBigTimeGamer Member Posts: 212

    bc ranks mean nothing

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 1,458

    Funny you should say that...

    I had a game where killer kept hooking 2 people next to each other. People were trading hooks.

    I get claudette away, heal her, motion for her to heal me and she crouches away...like a typical rank 17 claudette.

    So im injured, no healing perks because im using a low level character for a daily, raided all 3 chests with plunderers and got no medkit, so couldnt go for the unhook because i was injured and trapper had them all nearby.

    This one potato really screwed us (great matchhmaking btw). There are a number of situations where you just wont get healed without self-care. Its slow but its reliable.

    Personally im only using inner strength and doing ok but there are those moments where I really regret not taking self-care

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 1,569

    Because in the right situation it will absolutely save you. Just because has Self Care doesn't mean they are only using self care to heal. I like to keep myself at 99% healed with Resilience until the killer comes close.

  • PythonheirPythonheir Member Posts: 1,205
    edited January 21

    Last time I spoke against Self Care people hammered me down, with some mathematics that if you self care, and 1 person works on a generator then that's faster than the survivor getting off the generator healing you, then both jumping back on. Which makes sense, but my argument was that Inner Strength is infinitely better because it changes the self curing time from 32 seconds to 8 seconds.

    At the same time Inner Strength has other benefits;

    1. Counters NOED - Clearing Totems
    2. Counters Nurses Calling - You're not mending
    3. Counters Sloppy Butcher - Ignores ailments (except Broken)
    4. Pairs Well With Perks - Decisive Strike, Head On, Quick & Quiet, Dance With Me
    5. Is faster, so you still are not taking someone off the generator, but instead get on the generator faster - which means the generator get's repaired even faster.


    What's that?

    Did someone say Iron Mai-

    Here's my Dwight Build

    Dwight - Commodious Toolbox w/ Socket Swivels, and Wire Spool

    Dance With Me, Head On, Decisive Strike, Inner Strength

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  • FreudentraumaFreudentrauma Member Posts: 734

    Because SC is still a good perk, when you play it smart. Yeah, it's a time waste when you completely rely on it. But there are situations where it's more important to have that health state compared to the time it takes you to get there. Endgame situations e.g. when a killer is guarding an open gate or when you have to safe somebody from the hook alone etc.

    Besides that the perks you mentioned aren't a SC replacement. Actually you can even play them in combo with SC and use it to complete a 99% healing progress midchase, after you used resilence.

  • neekocheekoneekocheeko Member Posts: 61

    It's a decent perk but definitely not the right choice against sloppy... yeah I'm talking to you Claud from my last game 😔

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 2,950

    Maybe they like it. And they'd rather stay healthy then use up slots on iron will, dead hard and resilience. A heal with self care takes 32 seconds by default. But you can look at it from a different angle - it takes 16 seconds to get healed by a teammate, but that's 16 seconds both of you not doing anything.

  • FeydFeyd Member Posts: 271

    I take self care because it's just flat out universally reliable. Inner strength has a limit on how many heals you can possibly get and encourages skipping totems to not waste potential heals. If you are in the end game and already used it, it would take far more time to find a totem, break it, and then find a locker, then get in and heal than it ever would to just self care. And without self care, it's largely suicide to go back in for the save.

    You don't need to hell immediately every time you're hit, but when you need to, nothing will *always* get you healed like self care can.

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 1,947

    Because unfortunately baby survivors are allowed into red ranks.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 4,731

    Actually inner strength is still faster adding totem breaking

  • FeydFeyd Member Posts: 271

    Not if you add finding one into the mix. Yes breaking and hopping into an adjacent locker would be faster. But that's not reliable, nor is it something you can do frequently. And if you're competing with multiple other people for totems for inner strength...

    I can break every totem without concern, and I can heal myself in the exit to go for that last minute save.

    I've run the totem/locker build that Puppets has been using a lot. I still frequently end up wishing I had self care in the moment. I am red ranked every month and have been for over a year. I find it invaluable as someone that likes to play altruistically and self-sufficient.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 6,456

    Because majority of red ranks are boosted.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 6,456
  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 4,731

    If you already have a totem in mind finding is usually less than 10 sec

  • Snow_LepSnow_Lep Member Posts: 223

    I'll run it if I am also running Botany Knowledge and Resiliance. All together its healing at 92% of a regular heal. And if I 99% myself it allows me to get the 9% buff on doing gens in the process.

  • FeydFeyd Member Posts: 271

    Yes, once. I can go tank hits as much as is needed all game without concern.

  • PythonheirPythonheir Member Posts: 1,205
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