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Is Bamboozle a good perk?

Vult2Vult2 Member Posts: 19

Is really usefull in a game? someone use it often?


  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 8,676

    If used well, yes.

    If you mindlessly follow Survivors through windows with it, then no.

  • TruthTheDeceiverTruthTheDeceiver Member Posts: 249

    If a Survivor is looping you, vault the window and they’re screwed unless they have a pallet or something.

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 952

    I haven't had any luck with it. It cuts off a window, sure, but unless it's late game, there's usually always another pallet or jungle gym nearby that can simply run to.

  • LucamaLucama Member Posts: 449

    No. It's necessary on clown because of his big belly making some loops infinite against him, but otherwise it's only useful for closing out infinites/god loops, which usually have a loop nearby to wait out the bamboozle timer.

  • PythonheirPythonheir Member Posts: 1,203

    It is for Killer's that can't loop well. Like Clown. Clown has a large hitbox, so when he takes turns he has to take them wider than survivors. So in a chase he moves the same speed as survivors turning around loops. Oni is another example, but Oni's secondary ability makes him played differently than a 1v1 chase killer.

    It's also a really good perk overall for closing off god loops, like the safe house.

  • Ultra_DyceUltra_Dyce Member Posts: 16

    It is an S tier perk. Shuts down most god-windows, only not the double god-windows on the asylum or the wretched shop.

    Shuts down shack, cow tree, ironworks of misery infinite, coal tower infinite, suffocation pit infinite, rancid abattoir infinite (somewhat), fracted cowshed infinite, and can be used at every jungle gym to stop them vaulting the window 3+ times if you are chasing in the wrong direction. It also shuts down some nasty double window setups that can spawn.

    I never run without it on any M1 killer anymore.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 1,563

    No. You shouldn't be chasing any god loop that Bamboozle shortens to begin with. God loops are god loops. It's up to survivors whether they collectively abuse them or not.

  • Steel_EyedSteel_Eyed Member Posts: 260

    I thought you were being sarcastic about the S tier but your explanation is exactly why I use it. To remove god loops and jungle gyms.

    I still think of it as a killer specific perk. Huntress and Billy come to mind since it helps them limit survivor movement and use their abilities.

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