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Is it worth paying for Dead By Daylight?

TozakuTozaku Member Posts: 2

I've been watching numerous Twitch streamers play Dead By Daylight, and all streamers had the same issue with bugs and stuff, and found it unenjoyable at times. And they were streaming with friends, so I want to know if it's worth spending money on a game I won't have friends playing with me on, and a game that will piss me off because of bugs.

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  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247
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    It depends on how much you can personally tolerate.

    In all honesty, there are some bugs that can happen from time to time, but they're not as annoying as one would believe.

    The worst you'll encounter at the moment is some minor things like the 3 man lobby bug as a Survivor (which is rare now) and other suck things like some crashes here or there depending on your PC and how long you've played in one sitting.

    But if you really like the game and can tolerate some minor things like that than I don't see why it would be a bad idea to buy it. It really depends on how much you enjoy what you've seen and your willingness to put yourself out there to improve and get better in the game. You might come across some match-making issues like the "rainbow ranks" issue that sometimes pins you up against higher leveled players as a low rank, but that's about it.

    If you're starting out though, expect the queue times to be long from the beginning of the ranks. Grey ranks or rank 20 to Yellow ranks which is around 13-? is notorious with long queue times. This is probably the main thing that could annoy you, but once you get up in the ranks it'll be a lot better in terms of wait times per-lobby.

  • OhnoesOhnoes Member Posts: 266
    edited January 21 Accepted Answer

    Just put it on wish list whenever its on sale. It's not an expensive game so if you don't enjoy it... Not a big loss. I wouldn't buy it for full price simply because by default to get new killers/survivors you gotta get dlc.

    Anyways my take: Yeah it has bugs. They don't happen every match but when they do happen it's very annoying esp. because the particularly game breaking ones happen as survivor. For example you may not be able to heal a downed person or even a living one sometimes for ??? reason that hasn't been addressed at all in updates... I don't understand how that is slipping through the cracks in a momentum based game.



  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247
    edited January 21

    It doesn't say anything about it being free from what I could see, at least not right now.

    Maybe I missed it, but where did you hear this information from?

  • asergioamasergioam Member Posts: 361

    Sorry, it might have been on the leaks... I'm constantly checking several sources so I'm not sure were I saw it.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247

    Yeah... I wouldn't use leaks as a 100% official source, since than it spreads mis-information like that, even though I know it wasn't intentional on your part.

    You can believe what you want to of course, but it's usually best to keep leaks to yourself, since dates always change and leaks are just that... leaks... it's not official information.

  • asergioamasergioam Member Posts: 361

    Yes, I know, mos of the time they are correct, including the information about the new tome only arriving tomorrow (that one I know I sawe there).

    The one about free weekend really don't remember were, since it was information that didn't affect me, but might have been there also. Worst case scenario, if this weekend the game isn't free, I'll give my opinion to the user and it stays here already:

    I mostly play solo, I enjoy it a lot and don't really remember getting mad about a bug. Even caught the nasty basement bug once and it didn't bothered me that much... just moved on to another game. But if you can't play it for free, the best advice is to keep watching streams. I advice puppers and vinc3ntVega. The former is very chilled and enjoys the game as it is without constantly complainting about everything and the later is a hell of an entertainer that plays both sides a lot. Both enjoy the game at their own way but don't spend their stream complaining at behaviour decisions... they just try to adapt.

    But there is nothing like hands on so, if you can't afford to risk spending money on a game you might not enjoy, I advise you to wait to a free weekend. Even if you need to wait a few months for one to happen, it is worth it if you don't want to risk it.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247

    Still, I wouldn't give out leaked information since... it could actually get you in-trouble on the forums.

    So, that's another thing. Either way, I wouldn't do it in the future if I were you but you can do as you please of course... until you can't (if it's against the rules).

    But we'll see what happens, who knows.

  • RepliCantRepliCant Member Posts: 1,390

    No unless you think you'll really enjoy it

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247

    Depends how much he liked the streams and what he saw in-game.

    I agree with what Ohnoes said below as well, if he's skeptical about it than he can wait for when it's on sale or something.

  • AsianMammothAsianMammoth Member Posts: 80


  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247

    If you're interested in the game than I don't see why it wouldn't be a bad thing to buy it.

    If you'd like to wait till it's on sale than that's ok too, it's your choice. But if you do want to try it out than I wish you the best!

  • InokaraInokara Member Posts: 50

    I love the game. It's got such a rich lore and it's really fun. However the player base can be very Toxic/entitled. A vast majority of people on the forums are really nice and very kind and helpful. But in the game there is a ton of Entitled killers that dont understand survivors are trying to survive and they will do anything to win. But there are also entitled survivors that try telling killers how they have to play even though the killer should also be able to do whatever it takes to get the kill.

    Killer camping sucks but I understand it

    Killer tunneling sucks but its realistic

    Pallet and window looping is a pain but I understand it and its almost non existent nowadays (as far as I've seen)

    Flashlight spamming is annoying but again its nessacary for survival

    Killers should do what it takes to kill. That is there goal. There mission. Whatever it takes

    Survivors should also do whatever it takes to survive. That is there goal. There necessity. Whatever it takes

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247

    I don't see how that really adds anything to his question...

    I wouldn't really discourage him from playing the game, it can be a very fun game with lots of nice people to find. I'm not going to tell him that there isn't toxicity from time to time and games that'll seem unfair, but if he really does enjoy it than why not?

  • hinoutoumeihinoutoumei Member Posts: 277
    edited January 22

    that depends on how prone you are to stress induced by toxic nonsense. this game has a really bad community, despite being a good game. if you're easily stressed out and/or suffer from depression, in all honesty it's probably not the game for you. also, there isn't really any single player content, so that's something to think about. You'd literally be buying something that is totally useless once the servers go down, versus a single player game that you can continue to play even 10 , 20 years later.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247

    I wouldn't say the community is bad, I've actually seen more kind people than toxic people for awhile now, it really does depend where you're in the ranks and who you're playing against at what times.

    For some reason the late mornings brings out the worst in people or something, that's at least what I noticed for EST timezones.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,334

    While it's true that it's usually not a good idea to give out leaked information due to its not being official, it may be appropriate in this case, because the main reason why we don't spread leaked info is to prevent disappointment and make sure everyone is on the same page about what is and is not official information.

    As long as it's made clear that it's not officially confirmed information, I think it's worth mentioning, because if there isn't a free weekend coming up, he won't have lost anything by not purchasing the game before then, but if the leak does turn out to be correct, it might help OP to make a more informed financial decision.

  • asergioamasergioam Member Posts: 361

    Noted... thank you for the information, I won't or at least I will do like @Fibijean said and mention the source. In this case specifically I wasn't really sure about the source but I've checked and yes... it was a leak and not an official information. Sorry about that @Tozaku

  • hinoutoumeihinoutoumei Member Posts: 277
    edited January 22

    you must play on console. this game's community is unbearable in how toxic they are on pc. death threats , racism, survivor's outright just grief the match for their whole team for no reason. Killer get's so much crap for "camping" or being toxic. Had one killer let us win the match and the only survivor he hooked (just so he wouldn't dpip) dc'd and cussed and cursed at him caling him a toxic piece of bleep and a camper.

    Game is basically unplayable due to how toxic survivor's are. And i'm not talking about a once in a hwile thing. Basically every match (9/10) is some toxic survivor or whole team of toxic survivors griefing the match by either purposefully dcing or making as much noise as possible dropping pallets in front of team working on a generator etc etc jumpin in and out of closets screaming, etc etc, then telling everyone they suck worst player ever go killt hemselves.

    So sorry, you aren't going to convince me that this game is not like this, cuz this is basically my expereince of this game for almost 300 hours. The first thing I do when I get into a lobby is turn off in game chat and visit each individual player's profile to block them. That's how sad it is. play as hard as i can, double pip as a survivor and get told i'm the worst survivor ever by a bunch of creeps who keep unhooking eachother right infront of killer just for some stupid challenge. I can imagine that once you get past rank 10 you see less of this..but good luck getting past rank 10 in the first place playing with these people.

    There are good moments, but contrary to what you say, it's more totally random when you will encounter non toxic survivors rather than based on what time you are playing. Though it mysteriously seems to be during school hours or over long holidays ..you know times when people who shouldn't legally be playing this game in the first place aren't around to play it. Cough.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247

    It's still leaked information Fibijean... and you know we can't talk about that, even under this circumstance.

    I'm not saying they did anything wrong or that they outright claimed it was 100% factual, but it's still misinformation in my eyes since it didn't come from an official source OR at the very least off of official content.

    Leaks are leaks, we can't really get peoples hopes up on something that isn't even true. If it does become a thing than that's good, the OP than try the game out for free. But again, this information was given from a leaked source, it doesn't matter how true it is or not, it's still leaked information that BHVR didn't give out themselves. That, and Steam doesn't seem to display this either, at least not from what I can see.

    But! The game is on sale at the moment, so that's something the OP might want to get on, i'll be sure to @ them with this information when I finish up with my replies here.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247

    You didn't do anything wrong, I didn't want it to come off that way.

    Your intentions were good, I'm just looking out for you to make sure everyone doesn't get in trouble for misinformation or getting players hopes up on something that isn't official.

    Don't worry about it (if you're), it isn't a big deal.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247

    Than you must be getting some really unlucky matches, since I've never had a 9/10 for sure toxic Survivor team facing me and I have 1.5k hours into this game.

    My intention wasn't to change your mind however, I was just looking out for the OPs interests and showing them that not everyone in this community is toxic, as some would make it out to be.

    I'm sorry you feel that way about the game though, hopefully it will improve over time.

  • hinoutoumeihinoutoumei Member Posts: 277

    the game itself is great. don't get me wrong there. I love it. Unfortunately with my underlying anxiety and depression it's just stressful most of the time lol.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247

    I can understand that, it can be stressful to have a rough game and than get bashed in the comment section right after.

    I'm just trying to show the OP that not everyone acts that way, and they really don't. Sometimes you'll get really toxic and angry people that just hate you for no reason, sometimes you'll get really nice and encouraging players as well.

    It might be tough, but I wouldn't let it phase you, since if you start to fall into that mind-set as well than the cycle will continue. Just know that you'll eventually get these matches and than you'll get some good ones as well.

    Hopefully your outlook on the community changes and you'll find some nice people to chat with in-game and on the forums as well. I'm sorry again that this has happened to you.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247
    edited January 22


    I almost forgot to @ you about this.

    Dead By Daylight is 60% OFF on Steam right now, so if you were looking into buying the PC version for DBD than you can get it on sale right now! The offer ends on January 27th.

    Just wanted to let you know.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,334

    The rules say we can't post leaked content, like links to leaked patch notes for example. It doesn't say we can't mention the fact that there's a rumour about something, and I don't think there's any harm in doing so as long as it's made clear that it is a rumour and not official information. Context is important. In this particular situation, knowing that there's a possibility that they might get to try the game out for free this weekend, even though that's not officially confirmed, could be helpful to the OP in resolving their dilemma - which, after all, is what this subforum is meant to be all about.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247

    That's right, but again, if the information isn't official and can mislead people to things that're not true than it's our job to help clear that up right? (or at least we made it our job I guess)

    Hence why I did, it might not of been rule breaking or anything but it would of led the OP to thinking it was true, which is unknown since it's leaked information. I already told Asergioam that they didn't do anything wrong, their intentions were good and it wasn't really going to get them in-trouble (since they didn't post the leak outright), but the information isn't official and could be misleading.

    No rules were broken, nobody is at fault, but if the information is leaked information or wrong than I will correct it to let everyone know what's official or not OR at the very least give them the right information (if I can). We both do it to each other as well, the correct information is always the best information after all!

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,334

    Quite true. Which is why I specifically said both times that I think it's okay for it to be mentioned as long as it's made clear that it's not officially confirmed information. Which it has been, in this case. The only thing I was contesting was the idea that leaked information should never be brought up, ever, because I think context plays a part and in some cases it can be beneficial - provided, again, that the fact that it's unofficial and unconfirmed is made clear.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,247
    edited January 23

    Well, opinions are opinions, everyone has one.

    You think it's ok for context, and I don't because it spreads misinformation, we won't meet a middle ground but we can agree to disagree. It honestly depends if they even mentioned it was leaked information as well, which if they didn't (which the first comment didn't) than I have an issue with it, if they acknowledge that it's not an official source and that the OP should take it with a grain of salt THAN I don't see an issue with that, they're not directly linking them to 900 leaked sites so, no rules were broken.

    Also, when they mentioned it at the start they never said it was something that was leaked, hence why I found an issue with it, because it wasn't mentioned that it was a leak until AFTER I replied to it. So, if I never replied to it than it would've been thought to be a real thing... so that's where I have an issue with this.

    Everything is cleared up though, so I don't see why we need to continue discussing this. Asergioam is aware now to mention a source they got this from, but not directly link it for obvious reasons. They're always aware that they didn't do anything wrong, their intentions were good, everything is fine.

    But, like I said as well, this wasn't brought up in the first comment, so I had issues with it being said.

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