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I think I'm done playing dbd.

This actually hurts to say this, but I'm done. Completely.

I played this game relentlessly at one point because it helped me out of a dark spot in my life. It sounds dumb, I know, I'm sorry. I defended it when they did things, but after a few updates, posts, even their Behaviour it made hit my limit. This game went from being my all time favorite game that all my friends and I enjoyed, to.. something I can't even bare to play for five minutes. I'm sorry, but I can't deal with it any longer. I asked a question on their Q&A and it got deleted. That annoyed me. Someone made a post about a hacker, a moderator told him to not use this feed and closed the discussion. I get why. But that was just cruel. I highly doubt they did anything either. So, again. I think I'm done, I won't be surprised if this post gets deleted, closed, or moved.

Behaviour, I am going to miss the fun I had, but now it just... feels awful..



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