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Might be time to leave...

I've been playing the game a long time time almost 1k hours In the game. I can take the once in a while slugging or camping bubba. But today. Lemme tell yah...

First game freddy with ultra rare addons to make gems slower without ruin. Join complaints really I mean you do what you need to get gens slower now.

2nd game hillbilly. Kinda camped kinda not. We were near the basement but he still barely left it anyway.

3rd game Leatherface: Made a deal to farm with a survivor and camp all hooks. I wasn't gonna save until my friend got hooked after first survivor death. No point. Just tried and died. (Got into with that killer postgame)

4th game Legion. Now, I dont know if he went into the game saying he was gonna slug but game was over in less than 3 min because everyone was slugged and my DS ran out.

Currently waiting in a lobby searching for a game for number 5.


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