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I have never played a more boring game in my life after this change

Konnor24Konnor24 Member Posts: 35
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3 years ive been playing. Ive never seen this game in the utter state its in now.

As a survivor im Rank 5, Usually rank 1-3 but havent played much since the 13th

Where to start. I played two games solo and one with someone on my friends list.

First game

Time spent in Lobby - 13 minutes 57 seconds

Time spent in game - 7 minutes 2 seconds (i survived)

One person was camped the whole time.

Second Game

Time spent in Lobby - 18 minutes 14 seconds

Time spent in game - 5 minutes 32 seconds (i survived)

One person was camped and tunneled.

Third Game

Time spent in Lobby - 15 minutes 25 seconds

Time spent in game - 6 minutes 56 seconds (i survived)

Our killer got destroyed, and i ended up letting him hook me after the gates were open cause i felt that sorry for him.

As a killer Im currently rank 3, usually rank 1-2 but havent played much since the 13th.

4 minutes 41 seconds for one game, 5 minutes 37 seconds for the second and 6 minutes and 1 second for the third. I counted with my phones stop watch. This is including the part at the beginning where the camera is spanning round. Funnily enough my games lasted 10-15 minutes on the weekend. Hex got found within 45 seconds for the first game, 19 seconds on the second game and 25 seconds on the third

One gen got done before i had time to go to the other side of the map on the first game. Two gens were done by the time i downed one person on the second game. Third game Gens got done in 6 minutes even though i was constantly chasing/downing people.

Theres no fun to this game anymore. As a survivor i spent a total of 46 minutes in the lobby whereas i spent 18 minutes in a game. As a killer i felt totally powerless against people who had half a brain. I average 3 kills per match. I now cannot get a kill without tunneling and i dont like to play like that.

Its shocking and sad to see what this game is now. Its actually disgusting. We're paying to sit in a lobby or run around doing nothing.

Time to say goodbye methinks. Honestly wtf has happened to this game.

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  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,262

    Interesting how people say you can still win but "it's not fun anymore"

    I expect people will adapt within a week.

  • Konnor24Konnor24 Member Posts: 35

    Not always. I found a LOT of people gen tapped instead of bothering to go look for the hex.

    Granted the 9 seconds one would have gone on the weekend for sure. The others maybe not, or maybe would have given me longer to get to near the hex.

    I do find it astounding that even when my ruins were being cleansed on the weekend the games still lasted a lot longer.

    I didnt mention that most people are bringing toolboxes aswell. I rarely saw them before. Mostly saw health packs and flashlights.

  • monkamonka Member Posts: 60


    One is a game that cannot be won.

    One is a series of easy games.

    Time-consuming matches, unbalanced matches

    I lost the meaning of continuing

    Ruin should be undone

    For each other

  • MarknessMarkness Member Posts: 174

    It is so damn annoying with the lobby dodging going on right now. Always waiting for a person, then 1 leaves, and then an another.. and then one joins, an another leaves, etc. etc.

  • Konnor24Konnor24 Member Posts: 35

    See, im not even massively against the ruin changes. I actually agree it needs to be changed but it also needs to be compensated for.

    It has literally no effect on the game right now. You cannot have an S tier perk drop to a D tier perk with no compensation. Gens still take the same time which were too fast anyway even before the ruin changes.

  • CalabrumCalabrum Member Posts: 100

    Killers are lobby dodging toolboxes atm yes. It's annoying to play as killer otherwise especially with ruin gone.

  • Konnor24Konnor24 Member Posts: 35

    They're lobby dodging just to be dickheads aswell. I had a few in my survivor games that kept doing it at around the 15 second mark. I cant remember what people were taking for one of them but one particular lobby that was being dodged one had a map and the other had a health pack.

  • MarknessMarkness Member Posts: 174

    I am not just talking about killers, survivors are too lol. I am guessing they got rid of dedicated servers and now we have people bailing if the ping is over 100.

  • Konnor24Konnor24 Member Posts: 35

    Or the killer player count is so low that its having to pair up canadians with Australians or Brits so the pings higher.

    I would love them to reveal stats on the player base if they can. To show how many killers played When the Stranger Things DLC came out (my survivor lobbies were really quick then) compared to now.

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,091


    Don't take what I'm going to say personally: the problem with those kind of arguments is that they tend to exaggerate things so much that the whole post becomes difficult to take seriously. Take this for example:

    Funnily enough my games lasted 10-15 minutes on the weekend. Hex got found within 45 seconds for the first game, 9 seconds on the second game and 25 seconds on the third

    A totem needs 14 seconds to be cleansed, and that's not counting the time to reach it, so yeah, 9 seconds is literally impossible. If you lie there, maybe you are lying elsewhere too, for example in games lasting 10-15 minutes.

    Then there's the part of you being useless as a killer without Ruin, and that's absurd especially due to what you said about your previous games (ruin cleansed in 9 / 25 seconds). You had 3 bad games in a row, that's it. I'm sure if you keep playing you'll have very different experiences.

    ..and note that I've been very vocal against Ruin change without proper compensation (may it be gen speed / toolbox nerf / maps reworks), but I'm sorry to say those kind of posts don't help in any way in improving the current situation.

  • Konnor24Konnor24 Member Posts: 35
    edited January 22


    I said i felt powerless as a killer, not useless.

    I have kept playing, i've played another 3 killer games since and gotten the basic same results albeit i decided to tunnel people in my most recent game and surprise surprise i get a 4 kill.

    Seems the best way to get a 4k is to be toxic. And the game still took around 6-7 minutes. I got a 4k and i feel genuinely bored and unfulfilled. The only time thats happened to me before is when i got 4ks from when i didnt play for 2 months before and got demoted to brown ranks. (before the new rank system obviously)

    There is no exaggeration, just guess work as i start the stopwatch from when the camera starts circling round. I changed it to say 19 seconds for a better understanding as it takes roughly 5 seconds of camera swirling plus 14 seconds of totem cleansing. Rough estimate.

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,091

    I would say: give it a couple of weeks to get used to play without Ruin, and try to remain positive even if you get stomped. Avoid playing toxic, play smartly (tunnelling is smart, if you can do it quickly, so go for it if that's your pick).

    Maybe you'll have fun again, maybe not. We're stuck with this change for now, so either wait 3 months, when Devs will change things again, or try to take things with more levity, it could help.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    Maybe not every survivor had readied up? Some killers dodge in this case to avoid playing against quick switchers.

  • Ultra_DyceUltra_Dyce Member Posts: 16

    New ruin isn't even that bad. If you are applying pressure across the map, by downing survivors in a timely manner, it will be passively regressing everything because they have to leave the gens to do unhooks. It also means you don't have to stop and kick gens while you are chasing people off them, they just start regressing automatically.

    It will punish killers who refuse to leave a chase, but reward you for quick downs and target swaps. Still liable to be dead in 30 seconds though.

  • Konnor24Konnor24 Member Posts: 35

    I like the perk in itself. The only problem is its a hex.

    The previous Ruin was very powerful and deserved to be a Hex. This ruin doesnt feel anywhere near as powerful. Usually hex's are "must cleanse" actions. This one isnt a "must cleanse".You can just work through it and if your team can perform just basic looping then you're getting out unless you get tunneled or/and camped.

    Haven't died to a single killer today as im playing more survivor to genuinely test things out. I had about a 50% survival rate before. Now its 100%

    Id love that normally but the games are now over quicker than im waiting in a lobby and feels incredibly boring due to the amount of campers, tunnelers and ease of games now. So theres no satisfaction from surviving now.

    I've played more killer games aswell and they're the same as last night. Unless i tunnel at least once then im not getting any kills. I rarely tunneled anyone before and i hate doing it but it does actually feel needed now.

  • RuinNerfCamperRuinNerfCamper Member Posts: 11

    And my goal is to keep making it boring. I've been camping with Leatherface since the change went live.

  • SteelDragonSteelDragon Member Posts: 745

    welcome to the after effects of the ruin changes, we killers warned you, BHVR did not listen, they wanted to pander to the rank 20 survivors. and so they did

  • Konnor24Konnor24 Member Posts: 35

    I play killer? So the we killers warned you part is meaningless. I agree with the majority of killers.

    On a side note as an update, played two survivor games today so far, and both times the killer has disconnected.

    Utterly ridiculous.

  • mylesmylomylesmylo Member Posts: 292

    You pay for the game to play yes, but you don't keep paying to play it, you dont have to put in any more money after buying the game, unless you decide to.

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