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Legendary Survivor/Killer achievements despite not meeting requirements?



  • InjiInji Member Posts: 1,096
    edited January 2020

    This is known that the achievements are unlocking incorrectly. We got a statement about this at the top of the forums:

    also @battousan75. Dont worry you wont get banned for this.

  • yungyung Member Posts: 1

    I also got the rank 1 survivor while being rank 5 survivor. I loaded into a lobby and the achievement popped.

  • toxic_clowntoxic_clown Member Posts: 318

    same. i logged on just to report this bug. happened at 11:17 PST

  • toxic_clowntoxic_clown Member Posts: 318

    im rank 8 survivor, never been higher. but i guess im rank 1 now according to steam.

  • asergioamasergioam Member Posts: 362

    I would like to inform that there is one more person in the forum that achieved rank 5 and 1 killer. Me. Don't know why killers say it's so hard!!! Just play Kate Denson, it's the best killer :)

    Joke appart now, if it helps in solving the problem, I was starting a game as Kate in Badham Preschools when the achievements triggered.

  • xeravxerav Member Posts: 392

    Same her randomly got Survivor Achivement

  • mmorrow8mmorrow8 Member Posts: 59

    I don't think so, im on console as well and I never got achievements for rank 1 and below as survivor.

  • hakonbaconhakonbacon Member Posts: 0

    I played online 1 round. i fixed 1 gen and got master killer achievement for no reason. after the game i bought some stuff in the bloodweb and got master survivor, legendary survivor and legendary killer achievement. the highest rank i have been is rank 8 survivor and i think rank 10 killer, i'm not sure.

    Right now i am rank 12 survivor and rank 12 killer aswell.

    did anyone else get this bug?

  • thelioncidthelioncid Member Posts: 43

    if I got a legendary survivor who is the one I was missing

  • TinyKittenTinyKitten Member Posts: 9

    As much as I would LOVE to keep the rank 1 achievement, I know I didn't deserve it yet. I'm only rank 5 and the highest I've gotten before rank reset screwed me was rank 3 (before rank reset set you back to rank 5 in red ranks). I know I'm going to lose the achievement, but I rather this be posted here than possibly getting banned. Devs please fix it.

  • wuefpf1wuefpf1 Member Posts: 1

    I also want to get the achievement for Rank 1 killer legitimately instead of regular bugs from developers. Please. do something.

  • DonZwiebelDonZwiebel Member Posts: 134

    The question is: Can it be revverted? And if so, how?

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 4,062

    Can't give away event cosmetics because players didn't go through the grind of playing a few matches but can give all players achievements for getting to a miserably high rank as both roles for just loading up the game.

    They're getting it for free, take it away from them. THEY HAVE NOT GRINDED like others did when they unlocked the event cosmetics in BBQ and Moonrise events.

  • SethianSethian Member Posts: 0

    I just got a bug not really important but I got 3 achievements in steam (Rank 1 survivor, Rank 5 survivor, and Rank 1 killer. I was a huntress rank 9) probably couldve goten all of them (In this catagory) but i have the rest. The message I got was Your rank could not be updated and brought me back in the main menu. This might tie into that same message before the Freddy rework were the same message would pop up.

    I have a screenshot of stream and the 3 achievements here

  • laharl_scarflaharl_scarf Member Posts: 24

    I got an achievement of Legendary Survivor, but I'm purple rank. Never got passed rank 4. I play on steam.

  • RevansithRevansith Member Posts: 367

    OK this is annoying, if the game (on Steam) is going to grant the achieves of rank 10, 5 and 1 to both sides then do so, dont make it a RNG thing as it will seriously upset some. I chatted to a killer in a match just ended and they said they were in a SWF team earlier and their friend got all the achieves pop, but they did not.

    They wondered if Steam is going to roill back these unearned achievs or do nothing and assume that its fine and tickety boo to have players stuck with no achieves.

    They also said they had no idea what triggers it. Please dont reply saying rank doesnt matter. It does to some people like me.

  • HendoHendo Member Posts: 85

    I got this Archive challenge to either "unhook 1 survivor safely While using We're Gonna Live Forever" OR "Take 4 protection hits while using We're Gonna Live Forever in a single trial" I am under the assumption that since it says "OR" in the challenge description that we had a choice in which one we did. So I went and unhooked someone safely, but come to the end of the trial and I earn nothing. I thought I'd try taking 4 protection hits next to see if it wanted that instead... Still nothing... Then I tried to do both in the same match, and still no archive completion. I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this, but was wondering if there was a way to fix this issue I seem to have caught lol, any help or advice is appreciated! :D

  • rongames91rongames91 Member Posts: 1

    Just tried it myself. WGLF was equipped and unhooked 2 Survivors safely with no protection hits and it did not complete either.

  • BeacriBeacri Member Posts: 8

    I have same problem. Recently I achieved Rank 1 Survivor after playing Killer match (12 rank). Now i achieved Rank 5 Killer after match (still 12 rank killer xD)

  • BeacriBeacri Member Posts: 8
    edited January 2020

    OK, right now I achieved Rank 1 Killer in the loading screen BEFORE the match (12 rank killer)

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,343

    This is a known bug - https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/122269/reported-issues-3-5-0#latest

    Don't worry, the devs are working on fixing it.

  • HendoHendo Member Posts: 85

    I tried every combo for that challenge and I got nothing from it. I just want it fixed so I can continue through the rift lol.

  • xoBlackBettyxoBlackBetty Member Posts: 25
    edited January 2020

    It's telling you to safely unhook someone FOUR times OR take a protection hit FOUR times. Or any combination of the two, totaling 4.

    I ran "We're Gonna Farm Forever" & unhooked 2 people, taking a hit for each after (making them safe unhooks) & got all 4 stacks & it counted.

    If you run "We're Gonna Live Forever" and don't get 4 stacks, you won't get the challenge. It's the easiest way to tell when you get all 4.

  • xoBlackBettyxoBlackBetty Member Posts: 25

    It might help to read this as:

    -Unhook a survivor safely OR

    -Take a protection hit,

    4 times, while running "We're gonna live forever."

    Complete this in a single trial.

  • HendoHendo Member Posts: 85

    Just tried it again and unhooked "1" person with Were Gonna Live Forever which is tier 1 btw all done in a single trial and got the challenge. Guess they fixed it. Thanks for the advice though!

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