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Fix Ruin

Hey! Rank 1 Killer, Rank 1 Survivor. If you don't fix Ruin, make another perk that replaces it, or fix any map larger than "Small" sized, I'm not playing killer anymore. It is impossible to win against anyone that isn't potatoes. Also, you ruined matchmaking.

1 killer quitting makes 4 survivors queue longer so good job nerfing killer again lmao.

I've been a loyal player of ONLY this game for 2 years on PS4 (Literally, played only this game, spent over $200 for myself and my wife EACH on this game. Back to Call of Duty and R6S until your trash team learns how to balance the game and stop catering to babies.

I've delt with a lot of ridiculous changes over the years. This is BY FAR the worst. Unless I want to play Billy, or Run NoED and Bloodwarden every game, I will lose against a coordinated team.

Fuck you BHVR. Ban me because you suck, idc anymore. Waste of so much money.


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