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Devs please end this debate



  • thelioncidthelioncid Member Posts: 43

    I don't care about the victory, I like the games to be interesting and complicated, but I don't like to be executed at the beginning and as assassins they hide all the time. That's boring

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,611

    The "i win if others made it out" idea falls apart on the score mechanics and the default game mode.

    "A survivor wins if he escapes."

    Swf doesnt change rulesets or anything, it just puts up to 4 people against the same killer. Ingame theyre still treated as 4 individuals with different interests.

    Unless the devs change score/emblem conditions for groups, there will still be only one wincon for survs.

    "Escape" or "kill the survivors"

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