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Is Leatherface ever going to get any buffs or QOL changes?

Now with the Doctor rework done and released, Bubba in my opinion is officially the worst killer in the game. Some people might say clown, but atleast clown has help in chases in forcing survivors to throw pallets early.

Bubba has absolutely nothing to help in chases and good survivors will abuse loops if you rev the chainsaw at pallets, essentially turning you into an m1 killer. Good survivors will also keep note of making sure to stay clear of dead zones to avoid your chainsaw.

I am in love with the Nemesis+PWYF combo on Leatherface, it gives me hope that one day he will be a decent killer, but against a half-decent team, he is basically a budget Billy with 0 map pressure.

Will Leatherface see some love besides the add-on updates? Everybody knows that Bubba’s addons are trash and the killer himself is even worse, I really have hope to see Leatherface get a Freddy treatment, but nothing to absurd like teleporting to generators lol.

Whats everyone’s opinions? Leatherface is a truly special killer, he was the inspiration for this game in the first place, but he is a poorly executed killer with a tainted reputation by 90% of the people who play him as well.


  • SpacingLlamasSpacingLlamas Member Posts: 495

    Billy and both Leatherface are next up for some changes or add-on rework (or nerf depending on who you ask)

    So I expect something maybe next mid-chapter update and perhaps even sooner with the next chapter, though I doubt it will come out that early

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