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how do i counter freddy?

First, i want to say i'm not here to complain or ask for nerfs. i am simply asking for advice for going against freddy. so please no "git gud" comments.

when i get into a match and realize it's a freddy, it's almost always lost already. gens don't get done. i cannot loop him at all, because he spams all of his snares on every loop. and his hitbox is terrible. i can't survive him at all. teammates usually get down in first 20 seconds. then freddy teleports to the gen i'm trying to work on, kicks it with PGTW and begins the snare spam as he chases me. i go down fast, feeling stupid i even tried to survive him. everyone dies with 3-5 gens left. i know i can't and shouldn't always win, but against freddy i feel like i don't even have a chance. red ranks and solo btw.

does anyone have any advice? how do you survive against freddy? i'm desperate, i see freddy in 8/10 of my matches.. and it just feels so frusfrating that i'd rather go against a god nurse or spirit, at least then it wouldn't be mindless snare spam and impossible games..


  • kinderjazenkinderjazen Member Posts: 81

    Leave the loop as soon as he uses a snare

  • BrendanLeeTBrendanLeeT Member Posts: 272

    Stay awake, I know once you get hit you're sleeping but at that point you just need to know when to drop the pallet or abandon the loop. The alarm clocks is the only way I use to wake up because it will take another 1 minute and 30 seconds (I think) before I fall back to sleep, more than enough time to work on gens and loop him for a while without worrying about snares or fake pallets.

  • sk1913sk1913 Member Posts: 84

    Play stealthy, it is easy in dream world. If he hangs, go in the closet, is very likely he will use BBQ to decide where teleport. Leave the area as you hear him approaching. And don't stay in the dream world, always exit. Snares are only in dream world. You can survive. Trust me.

  • toxicmeggtoxicmegg Member Posts: 662

    thanks guys. i try to play stealthy and i try to stay awake but it's not easy. i need to constantly go to the other side of the map for the alarm clock, if i get hit i go instantly asleep..

  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 1,350
  • Withered8Withered8 Member Posts: 1,160

    I’ve gotta say from large amounts of Freddy games I’ve seen and played from both sides, Freddy needs a change or something tweaked. Not because he’s strong but because he’s brain dead and requires almost no skill. Not only does he basically make clown, billy and stealth killers look bad by basically stealing their abilities but Freddy is basically rewarded for wasting too much time on a single survivor because of his ridiculous slow down and ability to just teleport to any gen. Not saying he’s OP but rather he’s brain dead.

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 2,291

    I love how all strong killers are brain dead to play. Freddy has more tool than most other killers but if the survivors play it right he is definitely not auto win.

    First survivors have to understand that he can't be looped like normal, unless you are awake. That's why prioritzing staying awake is important. Even his ability to teleport is hindered by players being awake as his cool down is shortened when people are asleep.

    Im not saying hes easy to play against, but most of the problems lie in playing as if he's just an m1 killer.

    I hate to say this, as it affects my killer games, but spine chill is such a good perk. Even though freddy isnt really stealth, his power makes it hard to see when he's coming for you.

    Also, and i know this is a no no, but knowing when to drop pallets early can render his snares almost useless depending on the tile.

  • Withered8Withered8 Member Posts: 1,160

    I definitely disagree that all strong killers are brain dead. I would say nurse, spirit and huntress actually require the most skill out of any killers in this game. Yes you can counter his anti loop by pulling pallets early but it doesn’t take long before all the pallets on the map are gone, and because of his slowdown whether it be choosing to wake up or taking the penalties, all the Freddy has to do at this point is keep rotating to gens with his teleportation, get free downs as all the pallets are gone and use pop to prevent the survivors from getting anywhere. It is possible to beat him but you need to have an incredibly optimal and reliable team and a Freddy who doesn’t know how to rotate between survivors.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632
    edited January 2020

    Stay awake. You can stay awake several ways. Fail a skill check on a generator, go and collect your alarm clock, get hooked, or have someone else wake you up.

    Do it smart. Don't fail a skill check unless the gen is almost complete, if Freddys projection is on cooldown, or when Freddy is moving a body. Don't run across the map to get your clock, if Freddy finds you, loop him to your clock, or when you complete a generator on this side first, then run across the map to your clock and start working on the nearest gen. The best way to wake up is by staying asleep till the first unhook, then have that person wake people up. Then from then on trade waking each other up.

    As far as countering his strong loop potential. When you are awake it doesn't matter. Asleep - Avoid loops with snares, and don't run directly into generators.

    All of his abilities have sound and visual notifications, so he is very easy to counter when you learn how to stay awake.

  • toxicmeggtoxicmegg Member Posts: 662

    i kinda agree. at least the snare spamming feels really braindead. all other killers require skill. probably boring as hell to play freddy

  • toxicmeggtoxicmegg Member Posts: 662

    thanks, that's pretty helpful. though i can't avoid loops with snares because he can place them anywhere i try to run him

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,765

    You need to try to stay awake as long as possible. If you stay asleep is when his powers come into play, allowing him to be strong. If you are at a safe place in the chase try to wake yourself up via skillcheck on the other side of a pallet or vault at a safe distance. His Snares won't apply to someone who is awake

  • PrettyFaceKatePrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 1,706

    Spirit? Maybe you meant Hillbilly. Spirit doesn't require any skill, just a pair of working headphones. She's as braindead easy as Freddy.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    It's pretty difficult, a big part of facing Freddy is being aware. Check areas as you go up to gen's before working on gens so you know where to loop (if your asleep). If you see him placing snares when looping, just run for the next loop. It takes him time, and out positions him to place snares while in chase.

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