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DragonOfPainDragonOfPain Member Posts: 139
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So I'm trying to adapt without Ruin.. I still get either 2 Kills on Big Maps and 4 Kills Constantly on Smaller Maps such as Game, Lerey and Hawkins (unless of course survivors bring their OP keys on these maps).. So when will you devs nerf DS, Andrenaline and DH? I don't have any problem with Borrowed since I don't like tunneling and tunneling is not a good strategy on the Red Ranks because of the DS possibility which wastes more time.. But now ruin is gone, You get 2-3 Gens popping in 1 minute.. Now here's the problem, In Big Maps like all Cornfield Maps, its difficult to have gen pressures especially on killers who doesn't have any gen pressures like majority of the Killer.. So since Ruin has been nerfed, when will you Devs Nerf DS, DH and Andreline.. Oh not to mention the Keys too.. And yeah I play both survivor and killer but the only perk i use as a survivor is Borrowed to give the killer a fair game.. Playing Killer now is just frustrating as ever.. So when will you fix this issue? Or will you even read and reply on this topic?

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  • Steve0333Steve0333 Member Posts: 529
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    A lot killers have started to bring ebony moris and survivors are still finishing gens. Played two today. They were camping, tunneling, and playing really dirty probably because they are pissed about the ruin nerf. And they still lose! it just got a lot harder to get 4k against optimal survivors due to the lack of gen pressure at the beginning of games.

  • MrPeterPFLMrPeterPFL Member Posts: 318

    Its not possible for 3 gens to pop off in a minute. 2? possibly, but not 3

  • DragonOfPainDragonOfPain Member Posts: 139
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    Its easy to get 4Ks especially on indoor maps like lerey, game and hawkins.. In fact it is the only maps where M1 Killers even have a chance since ruin nerf.. Now we still have problems with big maps like all those cornfield maps and that annoying god loop building found in Wretched Shop.. Can the devs even make the maps smaller now to give M1 Killers any chance to win? Since I'm a player who plays all types of Killers and does not focus only on Gen Pressure Killers such as Freddy, Billy, Nurse or Spirit.

  • DragonOfPainDragonOfPain Member Posts: 139
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    It is possible with toolboxes.. And recently there's a spike of survivors on the red ranks who bring toolboxes.. That's the reason why Gens are popping left and right in the red ranks in the 1st minute, while you're looking for your 1st survivor to hit. Its frustrating.. I haven't played Survivor since the nerf ruin, but by just observing the gens popping left and right as a killer, It would never give me a challenge as a survivor unlike old ruin where I need to look for the hex totem before I start the Gens..

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 2,247
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    So what perks did you bring to the match?

    Because it’s very hard to judge based on what you are describing. I understand fully well that gens can get done rather fast sometimes But usually if that happens there is also something you ( the killer) are not doing.

    Ive been playing in red rank matches and it has not taken a minute to fix 3 gens. It may be possible under certain circumstances but i can tell you that is not the norm.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 2,959

    Prove Thyself only affects other Survivors, not yourself. You would get one gen done in ~30 seconds and be chased by the Killer, splitting you up. Also, that is a perfect scenario that happens rarely.

  • MrPeterPFLMrPeterPFL Member Posts: 318

    It’s not possible, please show me the Math on how that is possible

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 2,959

    2 maybe. 3 is not.

    Even with the best toolboxes, and two people with Prove Thyself, it will take you more than a minute to get three gens done. I think with maxed Commodious with two people using Prove Thyself, it takes about 30 seconds for a gen to pop. 30+30=60. Therefore, you cannot do 3 gens in under a minute, barring perfect and extreme circumstances.

  • DragonOfPainDragonOfPain Member Posts: 139
    edited January 23

    As a Doctor, The perfect build where you could get 2 Kills at big maps are Thana, PGTW, Tremors and Butcher.. While on Myers I switch Butcher to Bamboozle because of Myers advantage vault.. And the rest well typical Slugging build which includes Butcher and Thana(Since there's no other way to slow down the Gens except this 2 perk).. I still get 4Ks on small maps while at least 2 Kills on Big Maps especially on Red Ranks.. But if there is one map more annoying that the Cornfield maps, its the God Loop Building Found in Wretched Shop.. In fact I can't even hardly get 1 Kill with that Map with any M1 Killers.. These Maps should be re-designed, and Yeah since Devs like to based nerfing on how perks are used, Probably its time to Nerf DS, DH and Andrenaline? Especially DS which has a 60 seconds user time? Since As I said Gens are popping left and right in Red Ranks.. It doesn't give any Chances to M1 Killers..

    Oh I did forgot to mention that There's a spike of Survivors who bring toolboxes now.. Which make these 2-3 Gen popping in 1 minute especially in Big Maps Possible..

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 2,959

    Oh, I'm well aware. I am a Legion main.

    I'm sorry for this, but if you lose two gens in the first minute, you have bad map awareness. You should know the general area where the Survivor's spawn. You can find at least one of them.

  • Aura_babyyAura_babyy Member Posts: 579

    The question you asked does not correlate with the rest of the title ???

    Shouldn't you ask, "When are killers getting a rework to maps, and when are the factors to gen speeds being changed?"

    Feel like this is an odd jab at DS, Dead Hard, and Adrenaline. 2 which are very hit or miss perks. I can't see these perks being nerfed other than a tweak to DS.

    Simply put, You play survivor and Run DS... but you never get to use it because the killer is assuming you have it so he leaves you on the ground... then when you take off the perk, you get tunneled.

    Adrenaline... you either live to see it being used of you die to see it not be used.

    See why they're such hit or miss perks?

    Dead hard is probably the second best exhaustion perk survivors run behind sprint burst... but after the BL nerf, the rest are just sometimes not even that great.

  • Goat_WorshipGoat_Worship Member Posts: 73

    What are you talking about?

    Increases Repair speed for all repairing Survivors by 10 % for each other Survivor within a range of 4 metres.

    Gain several percent more Bloodpoints for cooperative Actions.

    Notice the "all" there. If the killer spawns across the map, it might take that 30 seconds to even walk across the map to that gen. You either need corrupt, or discordance to have any chance of stopping that. Whispers won't help you identify survivors stacking on the gens.

  • DragonOfPainDragonOfPain Member Posts: 139

    I don't play legion unless of course its for daily purposes.. What do you mean bad map awareness? Do you even think M1 Killers can find their First Survivor on big ass map like all Cornfield Maps in 1 minute? I've been playing on the red ranks since 2016.. So i know where they spawn and how to mind game them.. The problem here is, Gens are popping left and right in a minute and M1 Killers who doesn't have gen pressures don't have any chance on big maps.. That's what I'm pointing at..

  • SnitzSnitz Member Posts: 90

    Purple toolbox + socket swivels + clean rag=50% faster gen time, so every Gen you'd o with it takes only 40 seconds.

    So if 3 people have these it definitely can happen.

    Check the wiki if you want to see the numbers yourself.

  • DragonOfPainDragonOfPain Member Posts: 139

    Well have you seen how the devs fixed balance? Since they don't want to address the real problem why Ruin is used on the Red Ranks, Then why should I point out the real reason why Gens are popping up left and right on the Red Ranks? Instead I rather want them to nerf meta perks used by 95% of the Survivors on Red Ranks.. Because by the end of the day, Even if you address the real problem which is the Gen Speed, The Devs have no idea what that is...

  • tkwmmtkwmm Member Posts: 84

    As a red rank killer, I have a lot of match 2 gen pop in a minute, but never 3 gen pop in a minute.

  • DragonOfPainDragonOfPain Member Posts: 139

    Its possible with a 3-4 Man Toolbox team.. In fact there's a recent spike of survivors who bring toolboxes now since nerf ruin.. It seems they are taking advantage on the situation.. While i play Both Survivors and Killers on Red Ranks, It seems I will not enjoy playing Survivor now because there's no challenge especially against M1 Killers..

  • CabbageCabbage Member Posts: 306

    Literally spawning 2 survivors next to a gen at the start of the match only to have that gen finished before the killer can even get there.

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